5 of the slickest Apple Wallpapers you’ll ever see

Graphic Designers have aways migrated towards the Mac. It should be no surprise then, that there are some really great Apple themed wallpapers on the popular graphic design site DeviantArt.com. These are 5 of my favorites, but you can find even more at the site.

Apple Wallpaper by ~flashrevolution on deviantART

Retro Apple by `-kol on deviantART

love.your.mac by ~Scazza on deviantART

Apple in the sky by ~FT69 on deviantART

MAC OS by ~007TINAR on deviantART


  1. Thanks Michael and happy new year :-)

  2. Bryan Gibson says:

    Don’t forget macdesktops.com and macthemes.net!!

  3. Thanks for the link! There are some GREAT Apple / Mac desktops there. I have a big collection of Apple/Mac desktops that I keep in a folder. I have my desktop set to rotate through those images changing every 30 minutes. I spent some time this afternoon grabbing a bunch off of that site – I have probably tripled my collection, and I’m barely halfway through their collection.

    Thanks again! Happy New Year! Enjoy MacWorld!

  4. thanks! i gots me a new wallpaper now. happy new year everyone! it’s 4am here in germany… enter sleep mode now.

  5. DeviantArt is certainly one of the better sites to pickup decent quality artwork such as this.


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