“Beautiful Boobs” is the 2nd Most Downloaded Free App

Well they really do have an App for everything on the iPhone! Never mind how I found the “Beautiful Boobs” application, which has become a staple of the Top Ten Free Downloads in the Apple Store, just believe me when I tell you that I found it…

Traversing this simple application one finds that there are three buttons: Next, Previous and RANDOM. At the top of the screen are the informational words associated with this boobs museum exhibit: “Select to Start.” Below the large font are six touchable sets of luscious, and scantily clad, women’s breasts.

Click on a set of gorgeous girls’ breasts to see…well to put it aptly…breasts. They are not nude, it is true, but they are breasts that are zoomed in upon as one clicks on them. There is something to say for the satisfaction one attains through this practice. Click Next to bring up six more sets of fantastically featured female chests. Click RANDOM to leave the boobs that will be focused on up to chance!

The pairs of mammaries vary in size and shape across the board. There are wet boobs, dry boobs, banana shaped boobs, angled views of boobs, bikini tops with boobs, round boobs, small boobs, brightly covered boobs, artistically designed blouses holding boobs, beads of dew sticking to boobs, glimmering and glamorous boobs, sweating boobs, soaking wet boobs, overhead shots of boobs, side shots of boobs, single boobs and finally bra filled photos of boobs. Enjoy!

Grade: BB


  1. Someone has to create a game around the button in the picture you added1

    Bonus props for the Tarantino reference :D

  2. I agree 100 percent! And Quen is one of my favorite directors, writers and inspirations. Thanks for the kind words. RJH

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