Top Accessories for Your Mac

If you’re just just dropped some serious money on a new Mac, whether be a super-portable Mac Mini, insanely powerful Mac Pro or a sweet iMac Retina with a 5K display, congratulations! You’ve made a potentially expensive but definitely worthwhile investment in your computer, and you can expect (at least) years of great performance. In […]

Top 5 Apple Watch OS 2 Features

Apple’s watchOS 2 is scheduled for release this fall, but thanks to the tech giant’s annual developer’s conference earlier this year, we know what to expect from this new generation of Apple Watch software. While Apple’s watchOS 1 is relatively strong, especially for a first generation device, there are certain drawbacks that many users find […]

Is Apple’s Ecosystem Its Secret Weapon?

When iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite became available for Apple users, Continuity, Apple’s seamless connection of all your Apple devices, was one the company’s biggest selling points. Suddenly, your iPhone, iPad and your Mac started to feel like one device, rather than three separate units. You could take a phone call on your Mac […]

Why Apple Music Beats Spotify

When Apple introduced Apple Music, the tech giant’s answer to other streaming services like Spotify and Tidal, there was almost a universal sigh of boredom. Before the introduction, there was even a question about whether customers would care about an Apple streaming service. But Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue, […]

6 Features of OS X El Capitan We Can’t Wait to Use

Amidst the hype surrounding the unveiling of iOS 9 and watchOS 2.0 at last week’s Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple also gave us a preview of what to expect from the next version of OS X as well. Code named El Capitan after the famous mountain located inside Yosemite National Park, the latest version of the Mac’s […]

How to Transfer Photos to Your Mac Without Plugging in a Camera

We live in an increasingly wireless world. It is becoming rarer and rarer that we actually plug anything into our computers these days, as so many devices now come with built-in wireless networking of some kind. That’s good news for laptops like the new MacBook, which has just a single USB-C port to share with […]

8 Ways to Extend Battery Life on Apple Watch

One of the few complaints that early adopters of the Apple Watch have about their new device is that the battery life isn’t always as good as they’d like. After receiving countless notifications and messages throughout the day, using it to track an extended workout, and taking a few phone calls on the built-in speaker phone, it is […]