"The Insanely Great History of Apple" print by Pop Chart Lab

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  1. How about the Apple I and II?

  2. There are three machines I’ve owned that aren’t on that poster – Apple ][+, Mac 512ke, PowerBook 540 (not 540c). Not seeing any QuickTakes on there either.

  3. What about what I think was the first Mac ‘portable’, circa ~ 1989-90, which was a typewriter shaped wedge w/ a monochrome screen that folded down to cover the keyboard? It was more of an all-in-one, like an apple II w/ a monitor built in. I have a picture of my then girlfriend/now wife writing her senior college thesis on one of those.

  4. The icons for the Stylewriter and Stylewriter II are backwards.

    The Apple III is missing.

    No Apple TV.

    No Apple Hi-Fi

    No iPod 3G, U2 iPod.

    No AirPort products at all.

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