The Best Freebies on the iTunes Store

Everybody knows you can get loads of free apps from the App Store. But what about the rest of iTunes? There are free TV shows, ebooks, music, and more — if you know where to look.

TV Shows

itunes freebies tv shows episodes

Apple maintains a page in the iTunes Store that’s their home for all things free TV. Among its extensive freebie catalog, you’ll find selected full-length episodes of some of your favorite shows, as well as behind-the-scenes features about the making of dozens of shows. There are TV news specials like 9/11: The Day That Changed the World, debut episodes of new shows like Marvel’s Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., reality show freebies like the premiere of HGTV’s Renovation Raiders, sneak peeks at hotly-anticipated shows like the final episodes of Breaking Bad, and more.

Only interested in full-length TV episodes? There’s a special page for that.


itunes freebies books ebooks

iTunes’ home for free books is right here. While the iBookstore may not have a library quite as extensive as Amazon’s Kindle Store, it’s got plenty to offer nonetheless. Including free books — and more than just classics (though there are plenty of those). There are freebies on all sorts of topics, from pop fiction like Hugh Howey’s Wool to educational nonfiction titles like this one that teaches you French.

If you’d like to zero-in on the most popular free ebooks, iBooks maintains a freebie bestsellers list, which you can then break down into individual genres. And just like apps, there are plenty of ebooks that are free for a limited time only. To stay on top of those, keep an eye on this page.

Apple also offers a newly free ebook every week, that’s only free for that one week.

Comic Books

itunes freebies comic books

As the newest category of ebooks available from iBooks, I think it’s worth special mention that there are plenty of free comic books available to download. There’s a little of everything, including story arc beginnings from Marvel and DC, samplers and sneak peeks, children’s comics, loads of lesser-known publishers and indies, and even some Manga. Your best jumping-on point is this list of freebie bestsellers.

Made with iBooks Author

itunes freebies made for ibooks author

Apple’s proprietary software for creating interactive textbooks is being put to use to create all sorts of cool ebooks, and many of them are free. Sure, there are educational titles like Leonardo da Vinci and Earthquake. But there are also photography books, such as The Incredible Shrinking Tour of Chicago and Street Photography. There are some newly interactive re-releases of classics like Pride and Prejudice. Travel and cooking guides like Fodor’s 100 Hotel Awards 2012 and Tasting Table Chefs’ Recipes: Summer Cookbook 2012.

You can keep track of these interactive freebies on this iTunes page.


iTunes doesn’t keep a list of bestselling free music, but they’ve been offering a “Free Single of the Week” for years now. Here’s a handy link that always points to whatever the current freebie download is (among other free iTunes items).

Movie Trailers

itunes freebies movie trailers

Think how cool it would be if iTunes offered one movie every week as a free download, like the free music Single of the Week. Sadly, they don’t. What they do offer, however, are free downloads of movie trailers. The Movie Trailers section of iTunes is essentially an archive of trailers going back many years (remember, Apple’s been posting the latest trailers in QuickTime format at for a very long time now). This part of iTunes got a nifty makeover recently that reorganized this archive and made it much simpler and faster to find the trailer you’re looking for. It even has its own search bar, so the rest of iTunes isn’t mixed in with its search results.

And yes, all of the trailers are available to download for free — and most of them are provided in high-def.

Direct web links to the iTunes Movie Trailers section seem to be broken at the time of this writing. To access it, click on the ‘Movies’ tab above the iTunes Store, look for the ‘Movies Quick Links’ in the right-hand sidebar, and you should see a link to ‘Theatrical Trailers’ third item from the bottom.

Podcasts & iTunes U

Don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em. These two often-overlooked parts of the iTunes Store are teeming with fantastic content, and everything you’ll find in them both is 100% free. Podcasts ain’t just for audiophiles anymore; a vast percentage of the podcasts available are in video format now. Check out Apple’s own Events at the Apple Store podcast series for some insightful on-stage conversations with filmmakers, musicians, authors, and innovators.

I’ve written at length before about the incredible wealth of content available from iTunes U, and that catalog of free classes and seminars grows bigger every day.

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