John Hodgman’s “Area of My Experitise” FREE on iTunes RIGHT NOW!


UPDATE: This is US only.  Apologies to our international visitors for getting you excited. 

John Hodgman’s hilarious book “The Areas of My Expertise” is currently available on iTunes as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Run…don’t walk…to your local iTunes Music Store, and download this audio book.

It’s over 6 hours of geniune hilarity, and well worth the price of admission, which is nothing.


  1. CGW3 says

    shame not available outside of the US, was all excited, kinda walked fast to the iTunes store, to find they do not stock it in the UK, let alone have it for free.


  2. Dan C says

    Currently (6:00 PM EST) having problem downloading: An unknown error occured (-50) Please check that network connection is active and try again.

    Anyone else have problems??


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