iTunes 11 Is Almost Here (For Real This Time)

Apple is asking record labels to send in updated images of their artists and bands for the new iTunes. Which means that iTunes 11 is almost here. Probably.

Apple delayed iTunes 11 last month, promising it would arrive sometime in late November. It was supposed to arrive alongside the new iPods and the iPad Mini, but Apple needed more time to polish it. We’ve officially reached the second half of the month, so “late November” has to be almost here.

Apple’s request was sent out via email from a German music distribution service, and posted by one recipient to the forum at The email, which was posted in broken English, states that iTunes 11 is expected to be released “within the next days.” Obviously, “few” was meant to be in there, before “days.”

iTunes 11 can’t get here fast enough, as far as I’m concerned. The current version is so cumbersome and outdated, it’s a pain to use. I have very high hopes for the new version.

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