Apple Gazette Daily 239 – Mac scareware, France, Germany, and more!

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Today’s Show: Mac scareware, New Apple Ads, France, Germany, and more!

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  1. The Wizard says

    I took the podcast offer. Then cancelled in the last day.

    Then I discovered I liked audible so I re-subscribed with a different email and username.

    I stayed subscribed for a while then I decided to cancel again for not finding enough time to listen to all that content or for whatever reason.

    I went to my account area and I clicked link and at the bottom of the page, They simply removed my ‘Cancel membership’ link.

    I searched on google and found other people with the same problem so I searched audible’s own help pages and found the following after searching for the word cancel:

    “Note: If you have previously cancelled your membership online, you will not see the link to do so again. Please contact customer service at the number above, so that we can assist you.”

    That’s what they said. Now I live in Egypt so I have to make an international phone call to cancel my membership. This really sucks.

    They also cancelled any cancellation via emails too so they are not really playing nice here.

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