Apple Gazette Daily 130 – iMac problems, iTunes and more

apple-gazette-daily-1.jpgFree stuff in iTunes, stuff coming out of iTunes, and iMac problems.

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  1. steven kimbrough says

    just a quick comment about the iMAC freezing we have 3 new ones (well, bought about a month ago) and all are great, no problems. Mainly running final cut express… and ruby on rails for web development….

  2. says

    I have a new 20″ iMac that will power itself down randomly.
    I used SmcFanControl to increase the cooling fans rpms so that it almost never happens. My iMac is on usually for more than 12 hours a day.
    I note that the temperature of the graphic components are usually hotter than the CPU temp.
    I can cause a shutdown when doing a video call with Skype.

    But I’m not having interface lockups.

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