Take it with a grain of salt…but is a True Video iPod coming THIS year?

video_ipod.jpgEngadget is reporting that multiple sources have informed them that Jobs and Co. are going to announce the long awaited, widescreen, touch screen, “true” Video iPod in the very near future.

There is a hole at the top of the iPod ladder, but if widescreen was coming this soon…why aren’t the movies on iTunes in widescreen right now?

Is it going to happen? Will we EVER see this dream device become a reality? I have no idea, but Engadget seems confident in the possibility.


  1. I doubt it. I mean, I just can’t see Apple ditching the scroll wheel for a virtual one just yet. Maybe in a year or two.

  2. As I said before on another thread the image you are seeing right now is fake, here is how you can do it yourself on a mac:

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