RUMOR: Cover Flow coming to iPod?

So, this video is making its way around the web. To me, it looks completely fake, although I think Cover Flow would be a cool addition to the iPod interface. Judge for yourself, but I’m not buying it just yet (the fact that Gizmodo is the source doesn’t help convince me much)…


  1. phil says

    fake i think. in my opinion apple will make cover flow an iphone-only feature at least for a while. also, on the keynote, cover flow didn’t run perfectly smooth even on the iphone processors… and now it works like a charm on a puny ipod? i think not.

  2. Steve Grenier says

    It is a good fake, but I dun see it happening, I can it see happening more on an widescreen ipod but not a normal 4:3

  3. zackary saig says

    so has anyone heard anymore about coverflow on ipod? is it still just a rumor or what? does anyone know?

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