Leo Laporte Predicts: New ‘Beatles’ Widescreen iPod to be unveiled during the Superbowl

gbtv0122.pngLeo Laporte thinks so…

On this week’s Macbreak Weekly Merlin Mann suggested that there may be a new Beatles edition iPod similar to the U2 iPod…but with a widescreen and touch features like the iPhone.

Leo Laporte “predicted” this same idea again on the latest edition of Geekbrief TV.

I would have to agree that The Beatles being on iTunes doesn’t seem like a big enough announcement for a SuperBowl Commercial…but something like this makes a lot more sense.

Will we see a new Video iPod during the Superbowl? At the rumored Feb 20. event? At all?

Speculators keep on speculating…we’ll know for sure soon enough.

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  1. Brian says

    I might be inclined to believe this. There is a big gap in the pricing structure from iPod to iPhone. This new device might fit snuggly in between. How about widescreen iPod $400.00. Sounds about right to me.

  2. chotty says

    I could see a Beatles iPod, but why a Beatles-Widescreen iPod??
    Beatles come to iTunes, new widescreen iPod, sure. Would’nt it hurt sales if the “only” Widerscreen iPod is a Beatle-branded model?
    A big, yellow submarine iPod, loaded with “A hard day’s night / help / yellow submarine and Let it be – there ya go…. (Ahemm).

  3. says

    I agree. I dont think the widescreen part is suited for a beatles version. Who wants a beatles ipod anyway? There hopefully will be a normal version too, or else it will get no sell.

  4. nimbus says

    Uh, of course there will be more than just a “Beatles iPod”, Apple isn’t that dumb.

    Try to think before you “Think Different”, ok?

  5. RadiusMan says

    The headline is so misleading. This is not a rumor, nor speculation… it is merely Leo Laporte saying “Wouldn’t that be cool if this happened!”. As Merlin Mann said, it came right out of his butt!

  6. says

    It seems to me that if this does happen, it will ONLY be for people who do not have/want Cingular service. I would imagine as Brian said in the first post that it will be around $400….which means that $100 more will get you the phone (of course with much less storage) but it will get rid of another device that you have to carry around….maybe it will have skype built in:) Come on Steve.


  7. Michael says

    @Radius –

    The headline is not misleading. It says Leo Laporte Predicts – if you watch the Geekbrief episode he says “I predict” he even brings it up as his prediction.

  8. Mike says

    One comment above said this would only be for people without cingular. Not true. I have cingular. I DO NOT want an ipod in my cellphone. I use my ipod for everything. I plug it into the stereo, I plug it into my car, etc. I put on music with friends/girlfriend around. Do I want to have to turn everything off just to answer my phone? No. I do not want to drain my cellphone’s battery life, nor do I want to have a phone built into my ipod. Would I buy an apple phone? Of course. I would love a phone with OSX. But not for $500. I just do not care about having an ipod/phone hybrid. I could use the phone storage space for pictures, that works. Maybe if they make an iphone nano, or cheaper iphone. $300 sounds decent. I’ll wait and see.

    Would I buy an 80-100 gb widescreen video ipod for $400? In a heartbeat! That is what I have been waiting for. I will keep my razr for a while (crappy phone, but it does the trick), and chill out with my widescreen video ipod. (I hope).

  9. DrShalafi says

    Three words, quoted from the Beatles: “Bigger than Jesus”

    Apple can now be considered one of the biggest names in the World.
    One problem to overcome could be the bad blood between Apple [Computer] and Apple Music [the Beatles owned record label].
    However both Apples are quite savvy and the together would definitely be ‘Bigger than Jesus’.


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