HEX iPod Nano Watch Band. Say What?

Let’s try that again: HEX iPod Nano watch band.

Now three times quickly please. HEX iPod Nano watch band, HEX iPod Nano watch band, HEX iPod Nano watch band.

Let me break you the great news now: that isn’t the complete name of those and actually they are called : HEX watch band for iPod Nano Gen. 6. In all honesty though, these watch bands don’t look too bad at all. While they immediately might make one think of our painfully beloved Hasselhoff and K.I.T.T, until you plug in your earphones the HEX watch band for …. yes those, look nice and come at the reasonable price of only $24.95.

While the ‘Patent pending’ statement ambitions seems, especially considered how many cases and arm bands already have been created for iPods and iPhones, I do like the concept of these iPod Nano watch bands for those among us who use their iPod Nano as… errr… watch.

As can be seen in above image, sadly the magic and slick look immediately disappears as soon as you plug in your earphones. Other than that they are nice and I think many a jogger or fitness freak could now have the perfect excuse to get a new Gen. 6 iPod Nano.

Get yours from HEX and get 10% off if you order today. These are way cool as the HEX site states itself.

Needz moar lightsaber we say.

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  1. These are great as they protect the nano but when its on your wrist why do you need to protect it. I was at a few sites today looking at alot of products I think the best is the iwatchz its just so simple. http://www.iwatchz.com

  2. Hex watch band looks great BUT $17 shipping! Come on!!!

  3. The imStans is also another user friendly design for iPod nano 6 watch band. imStans use genuine leather strap, it look better than using plastic strap. http://www.imstans.com

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