Apple Gazette Daily Episode 81 is LIVE!

ag_daily_logo.jpgApple Rumor Mongerging 101

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  1. krye says

    I couldn’t agree with you more. The Apple rumors have to stop. No more speculation. If it isn’t fact, don’t splatter it all over the internet.

    I was a little let down too after seeing the WWDC07 keynote after hearing all the rumors about new hardware. I was also left with the “so where’s the top secret features?” feeling after the Leopard presentation. Don’t get me wrong, it looks like the best OS on the planet and I’m blown away by it. I will be on line to buy it on day 1. It was the rumor mongering that built it up to be so much more that it is.

    As far as the iPhone nano, you’re right. It’s not happening. There is no way Apple is going to undercut their iPhone sales, as well as their iPod Video sales with a cheap alternative. All this speculation stems from a patent submission from last November. People look way too deep into patents. Just because there is a patent does not mean there is a device.

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