Apple Gazette Daily 319 – Customs can check your iPod and Mac for any reason, Security update and more!

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Today’s Show: Customs can check your iPod and Mac for any reason, Security update and more!

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  1. Patrick says

    Hell I love porn and I’m not gonna hide that, but I have photos of my girlfriend on my computer and I don’t want that to be seen by other people, and hell how am I supposed to know that the person looking at my girlfriends picture won’t put it on the net. I think that this new law is just wrong where is the privacy? And of corse this is just one reason but, damn we can’t even have anymore privacy anymore, we can’t have on our cumputers what we want… and that is just wrong.

  2. says

    Well Patrick,
    My ex boyfriend was using my school mac and had the nerve to be on his email where is exes so he says sent him all these photos like porn stars. when he was pulling up all mail and other junk it is in my mac. Plus he was conversating on a date site. Well this trash was in my work computer. I had to go in my history and flush that crap out. Now we don’t speak and he says I violated his trust and believe it or not now he has strated threatening my safety rather then apologize.

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