The iPhone 4: Movies

“Apple of My Eye” – an iPhone 4 film from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

A few months ago, I bought my wife a Flip camera for mother’s day. I thought in the back of my mind that the next iPhone would come with a built-in camera, but since I had no confirmation and a looming date, I went ahead and bought her the Flip. She loved it – still does, even after we got her the iPhone 4 – but honestly, my motives for purchasing the camera was a bit selfish.

I have this big whiteboard up on the wall in my office, and up around the top 5 priorities listed are “Video Concept.” It’s a little pet project of mine that I’ve been thinking about for a few months now, but I haven’t had the money to sink into a dedicated camera for the concept. I figured the Flip could be a part of that project, since it fit many of my requirements.

With the iPhone 4, I now can do it all myself with my phone. I purchased iMovie the day it came out, but I’m not finding it as intuitive as I would like. Regardless, with a bit of practice, I’m willing to bet that I could edit my entire project directly on the iPhone myself, and work on it whenever I wanted to.

The movie above is a short called “Apple of My Eye,” and it was done by Michael Koerbel and Majek Pictures. The entire thing was shot and edited on an iPhone 4, in a little under 48 hours. Impressive? Sure. And just think what we’ll be seeing in the coming months with more production time and fancier equipment. I can’t wait.


  1. paul lebbon says

    Great film and after watching I was finally able to use imovie! now that I can edit and splice on my iphone 4 I will try to make my own movie.


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