Stephen Colbert “Flaccid with Rage” over iPhone

From Last Night’s edition of “The Colbert Report”…


  1. kirk says

    If jokes end with references to Poop, Pee, Genitals, Porn, and Swearing, then its The Colbert Report!

    Stupid, stupid show.

  2. Mike G says

    Um I think the Colbert Report writing is some of the more intellectually oriented humor on television, usually quite funny stuff.

    I don’t know what show you like better, Captain Kirk, certainly can’t be Mad TV or Saturday Night Live, those shows suck much worse. At least Colbert acknowledges the arrival of the 21st century and recent trends.

  3. says

    did you morons even watch the video? or did you just hear about it on the O’Reilly Factor (for you nerds in the audience, that’s not by the folks who bring you the programming books with animals on the cover)

  4. matt says

    He has some funny views, but he is just doing stuff for a laugh, and he can go suck jesus’s ballls for all i care.

  5. jarjar says

    Only stupid, stupid people find the Colbert Report to be a stupid, stupid show… it’s quite a good litmus test, actually. That and thinking Rush “Oxycontin” Limbaugh is worth listening to.

  6. says

    Flash video doesn’t work here. Text on video controls just doesn’t appear. Maybe the flash app is demanding a typeface I don’t have installed on my Linux system.

  7. says

    “I already use Cingular so it will be easy…”

    What if you are stuck under contract with a provider other than Cingular, but still want a iPhone? Well, check this out:

    Just launched to general public and are now the unofficial way of getting an iPhone… if you are stuck under contract with a carrier other than Cingular that is. :)

  8. nick says

    im sure you’re never going to read this but this is for captain kirk up there. i believe there was only one joke that ended with “references to Poop, Pee, Genitals, Porn, and Swearing” and he said pornography. get a life and grow up man, try to educate yourself a little and realize there’s more than just fart jokes moron. you completely miss the point of the show.

  9. paul says

    Colbert Report is definately not stupid. A humorous take on the otherwise boring world of politics. If anything he is doing a public service by bringing to light stories/situations the youth would otherwise no nothing about.

  10. Elvis Presley says

    Steve Jobs is an arrognat prick, and he can’t stick his Made In Chinese Slave Labor Sweatshop iPhone (ripped off TM) up his Limousine Liberal Arse.

    Love ya Steve Colbert!


  1. […] On even less exciting news I went to the Improv in downtown Chuck last weekend. It was a pretty decent set for local players. Although sadly they didn’t take my suggestion of “Killing a Drifter!” when they asked the audience for a common experience to base a sketch off. The whole cast actually repeated what I had said in unison in a shocked tone. Then I saw the main actor mutter wow… Then my tampon fell out of my purse in front of the whole class and my crush picked up it, I was absolutely mortified. Anyway, while down there I noticed the chair in front of me was sponsored by Stephen Colbert, a native of the chuck. […]

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  5. […] OK, so I’m one of the millions of geeks that, as Stephen Colbert put it (see my next post about him mentioning Woz and Segway Polo), got “wood” over Apple’s new iPhone. There’s a lot to love about this phone based on Steve Job’s introduction at MacWorld 2007. The best thing is that it runs OS X. I’m a Mac fan and have had a Mac since 1990. I think that OS X is one of the most solid, secure operating systems available today and to have it on a portable device is amazing. I also like that the various applications are the same as the one’s you’d find on your Mac at home; You browse real webpages on a real web browser, not WAP pages, you get your mail with a mail client that works just like the one on my Mac. I love the screen. I haven’t seen it in person but from everything I’ve heard it’s beautiful. […]

  6. I am “Flaccid with Rage” over the iPhone…

    Okay, I’m actually quite excited about the iPhone but Stephen Colbert gives Apple the dreaded double finger wag for the iPhone announcement. “The iPhone has given the nerd community it’s hardest collective wood since Princess Leia wore a bronze biki…

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