Reader Feedback Request: Thoughts on the iPhone Price Drop


Ok…so, after only 2 months, the price of the iPhone drops to $399.

That’s got to really ruffle some feathers of early adopters.

I’ve already talked to a few that are absolutely steaming mad about this. I have to say, I can fully understand that…and I’d like to know what you think about it as well…so leave a comment, or shoot me an email and let me know what you think about the price drop. Personally, it makes me wonder if the iPhone just isn’t selling as well as they’d hoped…but what do you think?

Are you FURIOUS?



Sound off below…


  1. Mark says

    Part 2 – After some great comments and feedback from my letter!

    I get the “early adopter tax”, I still believe it was worth what I paid, and I was in the consumer products industry for 16 years and the software industry for 8 years. I understand sales and marketing strategy … I also know that being innovative in how you treat your customers can be worth millions/billions. A simple discount worth $100 on future purchases would generate more positive buzz than it cost and set a precedent that would cause others to take notice … much like the design precedents Apple sets daily.

    Additionally, as consumers we must stop acting like sheep being herded by a dog. Companies need to know it is not OK to stick it to the consumer and expect us to be loyal regardless.

    I do not expect to get anything from Apple … however, I will think twice about future purchases for my family and my start-up business. And yes, Apple does design and build better products on average … but, there are some items where the coin toss will not go Apples way for awhile.

    Finally, 33% discount after 60 days … come on … that is what you expect to see from desperate companies with technology flops! Lower the price $100 September 1st and another $100 on November 1st might send a different message to the market and consumers. And before you think I am crazy … look at Apple’s stock price today … down 4.88% … which means the other professionals are questioning what and why.

    Hold it!

    Before someone else says it, yes, this dip is a good time to buy.

    For those that asked, I sent my email via the Apple site’s contact us link in the iPhone sub-section.



  2. says

    I am happy i didn´t buy that 4GB iPhone i was going to get in my recent vacations to Texas.

    Thanks for the AT&T guy that told me “you can´t have an iPhone if you dont get a 2 year contract with AT&T” i think i forgot to tell him that the iPhone was for somebody else as a present :)

  3. Christopher Rowe says

    i like how their stock dropped too. I shared my iphone story on their site about how i got iphucked….somehow i don’t think they’ll use it in their ads

  4. says

    I think this price drop may be a precurser to the launch of a 3G phone. Apple may be clearing stocks in advance of the European launch where 3G is more prevelant. I hope so anyway.

    Living in England, we await with great anticipation for the launch of the iPhone and for it to be a must have, it must have 3G.

  5. says

    it is obvious that apple has this classical marketing strategy to make upcoming big cut prize and also to make lower price when it enter Asian market. Early price is just a big shot for its exclusiveness, product image matter.

  6. B. says

    After sleeping on it… the price drop is great (yes i paid full price)… opens doors for new customers and i think i could safely bet that the 16G iPhone will be out within the next 6 weeks!!!!


    All very Exciting!

    B… Brooklyn

  7. finkle says

    Yesterday was a day of ~Apple not exactly at their best. The “one more thing” was a low blow: iPod music store (yawn) plus the *unbelievable* opportunity to pay twice per song just to have a ringtone. Follow this up by the “interesting” Starbucks announcement (hint: not, but bring out the CEO anyway).

    The $200 iPhone price drop was obviously the big news… slipped in quick and here’s a singer who’s willing to perform in front of a potentially steamed audience. Me singy. La la la. Now me talky. iTunes good. P2P bad.

    *slapping forehead*

  8. ByrdMan says


    My main complaint was that the amount of information you gave on your live broadcast suffered because you used time to “embellish” the posts with (IMO) unnecessary comments. I was looking for facts to digest. The amount of useful information conveyed was probably about half of what it could have been.

    I’ve been on the net since before it went public so I know what I can expect! I look for sites that are a little better then the average and I’m content (for this type of content at least). I find this site amusing and generally informative.


  9. Michael says


    “amusing and generally informative.”

    That’s what I’m shooting for.

    I don’t feel like the point of a blog is to be a Joe Friday “just the facts” type of place. Mainly because there are so many places where you can already get that.

    I realize that my opinion on things is in no way the defacto statement on ANYTHING, but I enjoy reading live blogging of events that are more…personal (if that’s the right word)…so that’s what I try to do here.

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