LG’s Dare would really like to be an iPhone

Verizon today began shipping the LG Dare, and has finally revealed the price of the new device. The handset should be available for purchase online by Thursday, and will hit retail stores on July 3rd.

The phone will retail for $250. You then get a $50 mail-in-rebate…which will bring the cost down to $200 when you eventually get your rebate check in the mail.

The Dare is smaller than the iPhone (and is missing the iPhone’s built in storage), but it does have some features that the iPhone itself lacks. For example, it has a 3.2-megapixel camera with flash. It also has a 120 frames per second video capture mode, and a microSD slot which allows for memory expansion.

It does feature a “full HTML browser”, 3G (through EVDO Revision A) and GPS through Verizon’s Navigator.

None of that, however, changes the fact that if you buy one of these you’ll be walking around with a device that looks like a knock-off of the iPhone.

Obviously there is plenty that the LG DOESN’T have that the iPhone will – including the App Store, and multi-touch – but honestly, why would anyone want to run around with something that looks like this?

I mean, seriously, if you don’t want an iPhone why on earth would you want a phone that LOOKS like an iPhone? If you do want an iPhone, and you’re waiting for your contract to come up – why would you want this knock-off looking phone when you can just wait out your contract?

These kinds of phones are SAD as far as I’m concerned. I am not near fanboy enough to suggest that Apple is the only one that knows how to make a good phone. The lack of original thinking on the part of these other phone designers is just appalling, though.

You can make a touch screen phone that doesn’t look completely like a knock off of the iPhone. I know its possible…someone please at least TRY.

Update: Since this article is getting so much traffic let me clarify a few things.

The LG Dare is a reworked LG Prada, which is a touch screen phone that came out shortly before the iPhone. If you look at the original Prada, its design is quite different from the Dare. For one, it has original and unique icons, that don’t look like they are copied from Mac OS X. The design of the Prada doesn’t look quite as influenced by the iPhone either (which should be obvious, since it would have been impossible for the Prada to have been influenced by the iPhone…because the Prada came first).

This is my entire point. The LG Dare has been made to look like the iPhone. They already had a great looking, original, phone in the Prada, and LG decided it was a better idea to make the Dare look like a cheap iPhone knock-off..when it ISN’T an iPhone knock-off.

It is sad and depressing to me to think that the cellphone industry is just going to tuck tail and start making their phones look and feel like the more popular iPhone. It would be better for everyone involved, including Apple, if they would try to do their own thing, instead of going to such great lengths to imitate the iPhone.

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  1. basictrade says

    its like chevy ,chrysler and ford they will always fight to be the best .all companies do it look at honda ,suzuki and the most loved harley fight so just read on and enjoy the fun .wating till the third so that i can get the dare this glyde sucks lousy touch screen.

  2. Mike D says

    Who would really give a damn if the phone looks like the IPhone. Are you really that self concious that you cant use a phone because it looks like another phone and your worried about what people think?. What about people who dont want to switch to AT&T and doesnt want to pay that much for the service. Verizon is a much better quality and company.

  3. NBC says

    I am a Verizon customer. I have argued back and forth over whether or not to switch to AT&T to get the iphone. I am leaning towards staying with Verizon and getting the Dare. It has a better camera, video capabilities, removable battery and storage, a better GPS system, feedback when you touch the screen, a landscape qwerty keyboard, voice dial and more. The only things I love about the iphone are the itunes and web browser.

    Also, forgive me for living in the sticks but here in Iowa, AT&T’s cell coverage can be spotty. I’ve never had any complains about Verizon’s service.

    I truly would rather have the iphone than the Dare because of the looks and web browser, but switching carriers and getting a phone with fewer basic features than what I currently have. I guess when taking the longview I’m not really interested in taking one step forward (web browsing) to take many steps backward (no voice dialing, no 3G here, poor camera with no video etc) simply for the fine looks of the iphone.

  4. NBC says

    In the last paragraph I meant to say that …switching carriers and getting a phone with fewer basic features that I currently have seems dumb.

  5. fatboy says

    Does anyone know if the dare will have TV. Iphone 3G I know for a fact does not.

  6. says

    I agree with you that if somenoe is waiting for their contract to be up to get the iphone, then they should not get this phone. But if they like the Verizon service because the fact that I can get service anywhere in NYC without having to worry about whether my call will drop off with the AT&T service, then why not get this phone?

  7. says

    That is a horrible arguement to have. When your competition has an edge, you do something to compete. Yes a lot of people really liked the iphone when it came out. It was the first to have a lot of the features in posseses. Do they look similar, maybe? Are they the same, no? The dare has a better camera, a full browser, and for me a better service provider. Why would I care if the company I have had a phone with 10 years provides me with a phone that might just be what I was looking for? Phones have been sleek, black and silver for a long time… That was not apples creation. And are far as the shape goes that is what you have to do with a touch screen. You find me a touch screen that is round and I will laugh in your face. It is square because thats the best option for a touch screen.

  8. Will says

    I would be the 1st one on line if the IPhone was able to work on the Verizon Network. Being that a lot of people (including myself) are stuck on that netowrk, this looks like a great competitor. In the spirit of Free Enterprise, I would like to see AT&T and Apple swing a deal with Verizon. I know that isn’t going to happen, so that is why there are companies out there who will come up with these solutions.

    I am sure that there are things the Dare does better and vice versa… One thing that is a huge problem for me is picture/video mmc text messages. Why would the ‘best phone in the universe’ not be able to do that? Oh, I know the full email client… but 99.9% of the rest of the people have and send those messages. So, any insight on that?

  9. Michael says


    In all honesty I think that At&t would like to phase MMS out and use email instead. As more and more phones become equipped with rich email, I think you’ll see it slowly fade away.

  10. Rich says

    This article is partially right. Besides the fact it says the Dare copied the iPhone. Every touch screen phone that comes out is compared to the iPhone when it comes to design. How else would you like a touch screen phone to appear? There isn’t a whole lot of designs you could use for a touch screen phone. A big screen and a few buttons on the bottom. People need to stop calling touch screen phones, iPhone imitators. They are NOT. How else should that phone be designed as to not “copy” the iPhone. Plus maybe the icons resemble Mac OSX icons simply because those icons look good. I really hope people can get over calling EVERY SINGLE touch screen phone that comes out an iPhone clone.

  11. says

    Well, I got my Dare today.

    The Iphone it is NOT. Man you really get spoiled by the Iphone, and it just makes all the others pale in comparison.

    Here is my tainted review. The dare is a very nice phone. It’s compact. It’s very clean looking and the menu’s are pretty simple. The camera takes great pictures, however, like all cell phone cams it’s very SLOW on the draw. Making it hard to take those cool pics of KIDS, PETS, and anything else that is one the move.

    The browser is the best one on a verizon phone to date. (I’ve had almost all of the verizon smart phone and internet type phones). However, it’s still cumbersome to use. My fingers feel very fat on this phone and they don’t on the Iphone.

    NO WI-FI.

    No custom ringtones as some said. You can NOT use mp3’s as ring tones.

    Anyway it’s pretty cool for what it is. I’m definately going to keep it, but I will be there next friday to pick up the new Iphone too.

  12. says

    i love the iphone, but i like verizon…when i had att at sucked.

    simple solution , make the freaking thing available to all carriers.

  13. says

    Um? Did you forget that for the last ten years pretty much all flip phones LOOK alike? At least as much as all the touch screen phones do. Sometimes they all do black, then silver is trendy, then red, ect. As far as icons, it comes down to what people find familiar and obvious.

  14. Josiah says

    i’m not going to lie… i love the iphone,but i also hate att more than anything. i was going to get the iphone, but after seeing all the problems that my friends are having with dropped call i decided to stay with a network that i know has good coverage all the time. i like the dare. i just wish it would sync up with my address book and calender on my mac.

  15. Tony Loscalzo says

    I have no doubts the iphone is superior in many many ways to the dare…BUT I think there is an important item that everyone is missing….$$$$$. Yes they both cost about the same, but the monthly unlimited data fee for the DARE is $15 versus the monthly for an iphone which is in the $50 range…that is over 2 years! Considering it’s great camera and music features I think the DARE’s overall cost is so much less than the iphone… so much that I will gladly take the DARE for the next 2 years and wait until generation 3 of iphones and others are released.

  16. Josh S says

    Ok, I’m tired of hearing this phone compared to the iphone. I’ll give you the iphone did set an industry standard with things like muti-touch, full html among other features. But they call it the iPHONE when they ignored many of the features found on most other phones in the market. If I’m gonna get a cellphone it needs to be a phone first and PDA second. Yeah the features on the iphone are cool but what good are they when you can’t even make a phone call because your service sucks. Next, about the designs being similar, how many ways can you design a predominately touch screen phone and not make it look like every other touch screen phone? you can’t. All touch screen phones will look similar in someway. Also, you can’t say that the dare is like the iphone because it’s black and silver. I would wager that 90% of the phones on the market today are either black, silver, or some variation there-of. And the icons, what else are you going to put as an icon for a navigator application? a map? wait that looks to much like the iphone’s too. The truth of the matter is that theres only so many choices you can put for applications such as navigators, browsers, or settings menu’s. All of these arguments and my main point is summed up by something one of the verizon guys said when I was talking to him about the dare. I had asked him if he thought this was similar to an iphone because after reading up on the glyde I knew about the inevitable comparison of every other touch screen phone to the iphone and he said “you know, a phone is only as good as the service it’s on.”

  17. Josh S says

    Also I wish iphone users would get over there ego’s. Every touch screen phone is not an iclone. This phone is set apart by features such as a superior camera, video capturing capability, voice dialing, and oh yeah don’t let me forget far superior reception. On top of all that the Dare is a phone, the i”phone” is considered a PDA so they shouldn’t even be compared anyway.

  18. JB says

    My contract is up and I am already a verizon customer.. majority of the people i contact are verizon customers. This is why it makes sense to stay with the best network in the nation. Verizon has service almost everywhere, LG is a trusted and proven brand and the plans are cheaper. Oh ya and the least Apple could have done on the new iphone was make some updates Ex: the camera

  19. Vito says

    I guess Michael had the same fit when cell phone manufacturers started copying eachother like creating “flip” style phones…or speakerphoner….or color screens….but he’s right, we should all bow down to 1 company like Apple and call everything else a copy.

    Bottom line, I own the LG Dare and it’s a great device. Shame on anyone who keeps calling it a “iPhone” copy.

  20. Michael says


    When you learn how to read come on back and try the article again.

    Seriously, I’m getting extremely tired of the comments from people who don’t read the article. This article says NOTHING AT ALL about wanting every company to “bow down” to one company – it says the exact opposite.

    The LG Prada was a phone that didn’t look like an iPhone. The LG Dare is not. Stop being an LG fanboy, grow up, and read the entire thing before you come on here and tell me what I’m doing wrong.

  21. Michael says

    Exactly how does the LG Dare look like the iPhone again? Besides from the fact that it has touch screen capability and icons and similar size, I really don’t see DARE as being a knock-off of iPhone. More than anything, I see its originality by itself and states its own, unique character and features that iPhone doesn’t. Could it be that our mindset always tend to end up comparing all the new phones, especially touch screen phones to iPhone? just because the iPhone is the most popular cell phone out right now!
    I’m a huge fan of Apple and a Mac user all the way and always will be as a designer, and I love the fact that Apple has done it again by coming out with a revolutionary cell phone called iPhone, but I do not have biased opinion about other phones out there who features just as much or even more than iPhone. I’m extremely livid from the fact that Verizon and Apple couldn’t come to an agreement and consequently, have to suffer of missing out the enjoyment of iPhone from being a Verizon subscriber, but at the same time, I will not state biased opinion on other phone that are not iPhone itself, simply because of feelings of bitterness!!!
    Overall, LG Dare is an awesome phone and had me saying “wow!” and plan on getting one. My hope is that one day, Verizon and Apple will both put down their ego and come to an agreement for the best interest of their loyal fans and customers to get full enjoyment out of their product.

  22. Michael says


    It looks like the iPhone because it LOOKS like the iPhone. LG went out of their way to add a silver trim around the phone to give it a more iPhone-like appearance (look at the LG Prada – LG didn’t change the design to make it better, they changed it to emulate the iPhone).

    The icons are pretty damning as well. You can’t honestly tell me that the Settings, Browser, and Navigator icons aren’t DIRECT rip-offs of Apple icons. The Navigator I can forgive since its about Navigation and that’s a common bit of iconography for that subject, but the Settings and Browser are taken DIRECTLY from Apple’s Settings and Networking icons. The Contacts icon is combination of the iPhone “Phone” icon and the Apple “Address Book” icon as well.

    If you want an example of how to create a phone that DOESN’T look like an iPhone, yet still has a touchscreen, look up OpenMoko, they managed to do it just fine.

  23. Josh S says

    You still can’t deny the fact that all touch screen phones will look similar. I mean come on, they have a giant screen, with a small square around it, some have rounded edges some don’t, some have buttons some don’t. every touch screen phone is going to look similar it doesnt mean that lg was trying to imitate the iphone. In my opinion if you look at the instinct it looks much more like the iphone (the general shape and layout atleast) Again I wish iphone users would get over there ego’s and instead of writing off every touch screen phone as an iclone they would accept it for what it is. competition.

  24. Michael says

    @Josh S.

    See, I keep hearing all this “ego” talk, but again – you’re either not reading, or not paying attention. I’m not here saying that every touchscreen phone is an iPhone knock-off or even looks like an iPhone knock off. I can point out at least two very easily.

    1. LG Prada

    2. OpenMoko FreeRunner

    The fact is LG WAS trying to imitate the iPhone with the LG Dare. I know you don’t want to admit that, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

    What I would like to see is competition for the iPhone that doesn’t TRY to be the iPhone. I wish the LG Dare was that way, but its not. No one is denying that the LG Dare is a competing product….no one is even saying its a BAD competing product. What I’m saying is the that LG Dare LOOKS like the iPhone – BECAUSE IT DOES!!!!!!

    You can play the “how different can they be” card all you want – but the truth is, they could be radically different. They could be in colors other than black – they could not have the silver trim around them – they could not have icons that are directly inspired by Apple designs. There is a lot that could be done with a touch screen phone to separate it from the competition. LG didn’t take that route, they decided, instead, to increase the similarities instead of decrease them.

    Your broad generalization about iPhone owners is just ridiculous. I can’t speak for ALL iPhone owners, in the same way I can’t speak for ALL Texans, ALL Doctor Who Fans, or ALL Americans.

    I can speak for ME…and I would very much like to see competitors try to innovate with their phones. LG’s only innovation on this phone is the camera…which I’m sure is great for some people. I would like to see them attempt it at interface and hardware design. I don’t want the iPhone to dominate the market the way the iPod has dominated portable players. Domination by one company leads to stagnation in the industry which is a BAD thing.

  25. says

    I’m sick of all this iPhone copying crap. I just got off of my family’s cell plan on Verizon, and guess what…I stuck with Verizon. It is a FAR SUPERIOR network and everyone and their mother is on Verizon. It’s also cheaper. I bought the Dare and have looooved it ever since. I have used the iPhone before and while it’s nice, it’s still not the end all be all in phones. And if anyone on here had actually used the Dare, they would stop talking all this copying nonsense. So a few icons look very similar…probably just stock icons anyway…(a gear for settings and tools?! really? never would have thought of that). And as far as the “look” of the phone being an exact ripoff, let’s see…a black and silver phone…who would’ve thought (how many phones aren’t black and silver that fit this profile…just look at the prada) I wouldn’t want it in any other color. And buttons on the side with send/clear/end buttons on the bottom…how original when compared to the iPhone’s ONE button on the bottom…easier to use even? Similar yes, but any phone that wants to have a full touch-screen would be hard to innovate too much more. How about being able to talk to the iPhone and have it play a certain track in your library? Give them a month for a firmware upgrade and I’m sure it will be an ever better phone. No Wifi isn’t great, but why do you need it if you have bluetooth and a network that works nearly anywhere?

    The Dare also has an accelerometer that works GREAT (my mp3 player can flip all 4 directions…) and while it doesn’t have the software to use multitouch, from my playing around it does seem to work with multiple touch inputs at once.

  26. Michael says


    The icons are not STOCK icons. They are icons created by the design team at Apple. Don’t be surprised if a firmware update changes them after Apple’s legal department and LG have a discussion.

    I have used an LG Dare, and I still stand by everything I’ve said. Not once have I said its a bad phone.

    Verizon works great where you are, that’s awesome. It doesn’t work that way everywhere – no matter what the commercials say. It actually doesn’t work terribly well in my area, which is why I’ve never been a Verizon customer.

    No one here is debating who’s network is better. As to why you would need Wi-Fi – that would be because it is vastly superior to any wireless network. We need it with iPhones to download the multitude of applications that are coming out for the device. If LG isn’t expanding their phone through third party applications, you may not need it at all.

    I agree the Prada was both black and silver, but LG has gone out of its way to emulate the iPhone trim design and its plain as day right there in front of you. The Prada also had an original UI that didn’t emulate the iPhone icons or interface…the Dare, sadly, does emulate the icons, and other parts of the interface. Doesn’t make it a bad phone to use – its just a design choice by LG.

  27. says

    Sorry Michael…didn’t read your last post…I got tired of reading about 3/4 of the way through the 20 pages. All I’m saying is that it keeps what all touchscreen phones have been doing well (it just so happens that a lot of that is from the iPhone), differentiates itself where it needs to, and if you all would get past the surface of the phone there is a lot of difference in the UI and features.

  28. says

    I don’t necessarily want an iphone as ATT sucks where I live, but the problem I have with the LG phones is the screen, it is a flimsy piece of plastic that flexes when you touch it and sometimes they seem to miss presses… I had a voyager for a few weeks and it was a great phone except for the crappy screen and wonky sensitivity.. I went through 3 voyagers hoping to solve the screen issues in that few weeks and finally just got a blackberry for my phone needs. If someone could only make a phone that has a screen like the iphone.. (I know the glyde has a different screen but there have been alot of reports of screen press issues)

  29. says

    Umm just to let you know the icon for VZ navigator was a Compass even before the iPhone came out.

  30. Michael says


    Just to let you know, the Apple web browser Safari icon has been a compass since 2003.

  31. Josh S says

    I’m sorry for the generalization about iphone users, I have a friend who has an iphone and hes not cocky about it. But still the belief of owners on this message board that the iphone is the be all end all of touch screen phones does denote a certain level of cockiness. (I’m not saying that you said the dare was a bad phone) Also the fact that you claim every feature of the dare is derived from the iphone. I will admit that some of the features look similar, but do you work for apple? do you know who designed the icons? do you know if there trademarked? no. So how do you know that LG stole all of Apples amazing ideas? In my experience with the iphone, and in my experience with the dare the UI’s are very different (with the exception of icons looking similar).

  32. Michael says


    I don’t claim that every feature of the Dare was taken from the iPhone. All I have said is that the design makes the phone look like a knock-off, when it isn’t.

    As for the icons, I do not work for Apple – but I do know who designed the icons, and I do know that they are trademarked. You can read more about how Apple handles the trademarks of its icons right here:


    And – again, your language assumes that I’ve said that LG stole all of “Apple’s amazing ideas” when that’s not what I said at all. What I said, was that LG changed the look of the Prada to closer resemble the iPhone. Since the Prada had a completely different UI, and a different case, I don’t really see how that point can be disputed. They did modify the Prada into the Dare, and it now looks more like the iPhone than it did before.

    The point of the article is an always has been that Apple HASN’T made the end-all-be-all of cell phones, and that I sincerely hope other companies (like LG) will continue to innovate with their own products. What they have done with the Dare, sadly, is not that. They have instead taken a phone they already had, and made it MORE like the iPhone. I hope that in the future they don’t do that. The Prada had a great look to it, and I truly wish it had been released in the US with the UI that it had. It would have stood out on its own, and wouldn’t have had near as much comparison to the iPhone.

  33. Andrew says

    I own a Dare and I like it. I might have gone the iphone route if i didn’t hate AT&T. Also I’ve always used my phone as my camera and the additional 1.2 MP the Dare has makes a big difference.

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so don’t hate on LG for following after a good idea.

  34. Josh S says

    Well I know I speak for myself when I say the first thing I think of when I look at the Dare is not “man that looks like an iphone” but maybe thats because I’m not an iphone user. Which I don’t want you to get the wrong idea by my posts I don’t dislike the iphone, I think it’s a great device but it has flaws just like every other cellphone, I do however dislike the carrier it’s on, but thats beside the point. I think that with the iphone being so popular all the service providers are scrambling to get a foot in the door on the “touch screen generation.” Maybe LG didnt differ enough in their design, I don’t think it looks like an iclone, but thats one mans opinion. With that being said I stil stand by my point that all touch screen phones are going to look similar, yes, you can make them not look like an iphone like other companies have done. But they’re still going to have the same basic components which will make them all look somewhat similar. In conclusion, each device is different in its own way, they both have their pros and cons but every touch screen device will now be subject to the inevitable iphone comparison, since it seems to be the benchmark in the touch screen technology.

  35. Josh S says

    I realize this is about how much the dare looks like an iphone but in my opinion the instincts looks a whole lot more like an iphone.


    You must excuse my lack of technical knowledge but I couldn’t figure out how to get that to turn into a hyperlink. But if you copy and paste that it shows a side by side of the iphone and the instinct. besides the instinct being a little bit narrower the resemblance is uncanny.

  36. says

    my opinion like many others is simple. of course i want an iphone. all in one player, phone, camera, and i love mac but… i am on verizon. my family and friends are on verizon. they have the best service in my area and it is cheap. at&t sucks in my area. bad service. over priced. etc. they have better phones. verizon “has/had” crappy phones. they are getting better. until apple gets smart and/or verizon switches to either gsm or some other system to allow me to get an iphone. ill stick with the dare. i have it now. yes it is iphone like. and it is a cheap and great alternative to the iphone for verizon people. has a few flaws but i would expect that. i love the phone. touch screen is amazing and takes getting used to. the internet is a lot better than expected and the interface is neat. not as customizable as the iphone but still a good phone. as for the iphone knock-off. who cares? is it effecting how much apple is making? no. they will make a crap load of money despite these “knock-offs”. anyways. no one is original with their designs lately anyway. people will always find some way to say that something is a rip off of something else unless it is some wacky-ass design with weird colors so unless you have the phone and hate it. who the hell cares? knock-offs are inevitable. originality is a very rare thing now a day. take what you can get.

  37. fatboy says

    Ok, I made my decison. I called verion to cancel my service with them since my contract just expired. They asked me what they could do to keep me. I told them I was going to go with ATT because of the new Iphone comming out in a few days. To make a long story short verizon made me an offer I just could not refuse. This is what that gave me to stay with them for another two years.

    2 free dare phones
    2 free 8kb cards
    30% off all additional accessories
    2400 bonus mins. (100 a month for 2400 months)
    1 free month of VCAST on both phones

    What more can I say, I would be stupid to not stay with them.

  38. Michael says

    @ fatboy

    Wow, sweet deal! Care to sell me one of the Dare for $199? Let me know!

  39. Foonie says

    Michael. You just don’t get it. Apple stole the design from LG. LG had the design first. I’m not downing Apple, because Apple does make nice products, but get the facts straight before you open you mouth and make yourself look like an idiot.

  40. Michael says


    I have my facts straight “foonie”. Apple didn’t steal the design from LG. The iPhone and the Prada are very different phones – which I have said NUMEROUS times in this thread.

    Apple didn’t “steal” multi-touch, the UI, or anything else from LG Prada that it didn’t have. The Dare still doesn’t have most of it – LG just went in an changed the look of the Prada to more closely match the iPhone.

  41. Michael says

    @ Michael
    I’m very curious, who is your carrier and what phone are you using right now?

  42. george says

    i am thinking about getting the dare. the unlimited internet for verizon..is that mobile web 2.0?

  43. Michael says


    Seriously? My carrier is AT&T and I’m using an iPhone – but I’m pretty sure you already knew that.


    Why, pray tell, do you ask?

  44. Michael says

    @ Michael
    Ahhhh..that explains everything. So why don’t you just enjoy your iPhone and let everyone else enjoy theirs?
    Instead of coming in here and act all righteously for being an owner and worshiping the iPhone, make better use of your time rather than wasting it by posting your biased opinion about other phones that are just as good in their own ways.

    And if you’re complaining so much….be a designer yourself and come up with one!

  45. Michael says

    @ Michael
    Furthermore, in my honest opinion..I think deep down inside, you’re just feeling bitter because all these other phones are starting to have certain features that iPhone doesn’t. So instead of barking up on all the other models, why don’t you suggest Apple to come up with more features for the iPhone?

    Like I’ve said, I’m a huge Apple fan and I’m definitely planning on being an iPhone owner when the 2nd generation comes out, but you don’t see me discrediting other great phones out there, especially the LG Dare because overall, it’s freakin’ impressive!

  46. says

    I love how there are camps for different cell phones… I actually own both and use very few of the features on either one… One for business and the other for friends/family. If all you have in your life is the upper hand on a cell phone, then you should move on. Go enjoy life a little bit. :)

  47. Melissa says

    Why is the LG Dare copying the iphone when it is a remake of the prada which…..you guessed it! Came out BEFORE the iphone!