Budget iPhone Images Leaked!

Budget iPhone Leaked

I have said it before, and I still have not really changed my mind about things – I am not all that excited about the idea of a budget iPhone. Of course, there will be a market for such a device, and without letting personal preferences get in the way, here are some leaked images of the budget iPhone.

Thanks to our friends from Tactus, treat your eyes to the plastic iPhone. (I really can’t fake excitement. I just can’t.)

Budget iPhone Leaked

Budget iPhone

Budget iPhone Leaked

Budget iPhone Back

Budget iPhone Leaked

Budget iPhone Top


Budget iPhone Leaked

Budget iPhone Side

And here’s a nice shot comparing the budget iPhone to the “regular” iPhone. Tell me you don’t understand my reservations.

Budget iPhone Leaked


So what do you think of the budget iPhone? Forget all your biases (if you have them, like I do) and open your mind. Is the low price going to be worth a phone encased in plastic as opposed to aluminum?


  1. Ex2Bot says

    The *only* markets for these will be developing countries where paying $700 for a phone would be impossible for most.

  2. says

    I believe that this is a situation where commercial profitability is being prioritized over the brand. I have my doubts if Steve Jobs would’ve approved this project knowing his unwillingness to compromise quality, which budget products often do.

    We’ll have to see what features it will have and how the processor performance is. So while I’m leaning towards what you’ve said, I’m keeping my decision on hold and giving it the benefit of the doubt till I see what it can do. I’m hoping for Apple’s sake that this doesn’t not destroy the brand they worked so hard to build which is based on quality and appearance.

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