Apple Selling iPhones Sans Contract – Jail Breakers Mildly Rejoice

Want to buy an iPhone but don’t want the AT&T contract? Well, now you can buy one, you’re just going to have to fork out some cash to do so. According to PCWorld and Gizmodo, these phones are sold without any subsidies from AT&T, and have no contract attached to them whatsoever. Does that mean you can buy one and load it onto your T-Mobile account? No, although I wish that were true. No unfortunately, the phone is still locked with AT&T. That means that if you want one, you have two options: Buy one as a replacement and sign on with AT&T or use it for your current plan, or buy one and jailbreak it for T-Mobile.

Although that’s a lot of money for a phone that you’re just going to void the warranty on, many jailbreakers will do it. I bought my iPhone 3G, used it for a year, then sold it for $350 on Craigslist within an hour. Why? The guy who was buying it told me that it was too expensive to buy a new one through Apple, so he figured he’d just buy it used. So on the one hand, that’s good for those of us who buy the iPhone on launch day and  then sell it the following year when the new phone is released. On the other, well there’s really no good side for the jailbreaker, unless they really want a used phone. Now there’s just a different option.


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