Apple Gazette Daily Episode 78 is LIVE!

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  1. Hi,
    There is major problem with the sound quality on the 078 show, at least on my end. It’s very low fidelity, and low volume.

  2. @Diana,

    Thanks for the heads up, you’re not the only one that has mentioned it. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but I’ll have it corrected for tomorrow’s show.

  3. The Wizard says:

    The sound quality is an issue in all episodes (although it’s very marked in show 078).

    When the intro music finishes, your voice Michael kicks in pretty lower than the intro music and this upsets me when I listen to your podcast in my car or on a zero powered speaker at bedtime, cos I just can’t hear you.

    All my other podcasts (for e.g. Inside mac news by Dina Orlando) plays in a much better voice quality.

    I wanted to tell you that for so much but this show 078 incident forced me to finally do it.

    I hope you work on that, just raise the level of your voice recording a little bit.

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