Apple Gazette Daily 367 – Enigmo, Firewire, and Steve Jobs

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Today’s Show: Enigmo, Firewire, and Steve Jobs

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  1. Dan says

    You mentioned firewire hubs on your podcast. The only firewire hubs I have seen (I have one in fact) require a firewire port on the computer. They merely multiple the number of firewire ports available. They do not convert firewire in USB. I’ve never seen one that has a firewire port for the peripheral and a USB port for the computer side, which would in essence be a conversion of firewire to USB. So I’m not certain how one of these could create a firewire port in a new Macbook.

  2. TPFolair says

    My only, and main, concern with firewire being phased out (I have a FW MacBook now) is not being able to do Target Disk Mode for maintenance sake. I routinely clone my MB to an external firewire drive and, when needed, boot up from that external to run DiskWarrior and other utilities. In one unfortunate instance my MB’s hard drive died and I was able to boot from the external clone and copy back my drive to the new disk with SuperDuper in an hour. My understanding is that cloning to a USB2 drive is not possible — at least neither SuperDuper or CCC recognize external USB2’s as viable cloning options.

    Your take about it being just like phasing out floppies doesn’t hold any water for me. Floppy drives had become utterly useless; too slow and too small. Firewire — though perhaps not the winner in the interface wars — is still the better, faster and more useful interface. But Apple has become more about the bottom line than it once was. There will always be people eager to use the Firewire interface just as there always have been people happy to use the Mac OS — which presumable also lost the operating system war to Microsoft.

  3. Bradley says

    Jon, so maybe the MacBook *Pro* is manageable in terms of FireWire, because of the ability of hubs and ExpressCards. However, the new MacBook is *completely* FireWire-free, which rules out Target Disk Mode for maintenance purposes, which is an Apple asset that I thought Steve Jobs would defend.

    Michael, you talk about FireWire to USB hubs. However, such a peripheral does *not* exist and can’t exist due to major architectural differences. Although FireWire rapidly lost popularity due to USB 2.0, it doesn’t necessarily make it obsolete. Even though newer camcorders use USB 2.0, there is the vastly large population of the consumers on a budget- schools, notably. Sure, the MacBook White is still an option, but for how long? Not only video amateurs need FireWire, audio producers require FireWire. The big majority of Audio Interfaces operate on FW400, but none or none “good” interfaces exist over USB 2.0. Upgrading to a MacBook Pro is also an option, but consumers are more cautious about their budget due to a possible economic recession. The removal of the Floppy Drives in 1998 can’t be compared to the removal of FireWire. All I’m saying is, it got eliminated at the wrong time, too prematurely.

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