Apple Gazette Daily 330 – Android vs. iPhone, Macbook Groceries and more!

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Today’s Show: Android vs. iPhone, Macbook Groceries and more!

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  1. says

    It’s interesting how you constantly suggest Android is taking Microsoft’s role in the mobile platform considering it is Linux based (like OS X and the iPhone, albiet BSD) just because of floating gadgets Google has had since 2006[1] (like OS X’s Dashboard) and a background with a tree — is Microsoft the only one allowed to have a tree…or are you talking about XP’s grass hill?

    Something good they’re doing is making the SDK available for Windows, Linux, and OS X, unlike Apple’s iPhone SDK which is only available for OS X. I would suggest Apple makes it available for other operating systems so more people can develop for the iPhone…not just Mac users, unless this is Steve’s idea to force developers to buy a Mac.

    It would be more appropriate to say that this is how the iPhone should have been, considering they’re more comparable.

    I beg to differ when you mention that Android-based phones won’t work out. Android will be available to developers on practically any platform, no barrier to entry, very limited or no restrictions (can you say NDA, limited GPS, no background processes, Steve’s iron hand?), and Android developers will be allowed to have an open communit–anywhere. For Apple’s sake, I hope these limitations are lifted otherwise, to me, Apple is shooting its foot before the real race begins.

    Obviously, it will take more time before Android picks up speed compared to the iPhone. There’s no doubting that it doesn’t have the hype iPhone had. Most people that even know or have heard of Android are us geeks/techies. That being said, even if there are 10 million iPhones sold, you are restricting your view to just the USA — the world is much larger than just this country. For comparison, Nokia sold 1.34 million phones EACH DAY[2] according to their 2Q 2008 report. Suddenly 10 million total doesn’t seem that big. I know Nokia is making their own handset platform, but imagine the potential if Android will be sold by many other handset makers instead of just one like Apple and will have many different versions, even from the same maker. This is why Windows is so popular around the world, as you indirectly admit, since the software can be used on someone else’s hardware.

  2. says

    With these few points, it’s safe to say Android will have a fighting chance. I’m waiting for the day when everyday iPhone users will say, “Wow! Your phone can do that?! Why can’t my iPhone do that too??” The easy answer is all the restrictions. It’s sad when we see a phone that needs to be jailbroken in order to take advantage of its true power. Don’t get me wrong, I really do think the iPhone is a great phone and quite possibly the best phone available now. But when another phone that has the potential to do the same things and significantly more, Apple should start reconsidering what’s available to its developers.

    Lets give Android the same amount of time to mature upon release as we did the iPhone then discuss this topic again.

    Just my 2 cents


  3. says

    P.S. Before people start lynching me saying I’m a Windows lover or what-not: For the record, I have a MBP, an iPhone, and prefer using both to other platforms. I just feel that Android has a better chance of taking the mobile experience to the next level considering the way things are now with the iPhone. If you want to compare a jailbroken iPhone and Android, they would be about even to me if you don’t consider the voided warranty.


    Disclaimer: All the statements above are of my own personal opinion, I have no affiliations that can benefit from my reply, and the only facts written are those referenced and generally known facts.

  4. Michael says


    I appreciate your reply, and I hope you’re right. I would love to see Apple play catch up to Android for a while. It would be good for both companies. From what I’ve seen of Android, I don’t see it happening yet, but I would be glad to be wrong in this case.

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