Apple Gazette Daily 303 – iPhone Reviews and more Rogers Ranting…

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Today’s Show: iPhone Reviews and more Rogers Ranting…

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    Hey there Michael, just listened to show 303 and you said something about the iPhone plan in The Netherlands being even worse than in Canada. Hmmm, well I don’t believe so. What we get is a choice of three different plans from t-mobile. They all have unlimited 3G data at 2048/384 and you get free access to all of their wifi hotspots and Visual voicemail support. Pricing of the phone starts at €79,95 for the 8GB version, the plan costs you €29,95.month and you get 150 minutes and 150 text messages. That’s indeed not a lot of call minutes, maybe that’s what you meant.. See here for all the plans: Calling outside of the plan costs you €0.25 cents/minute, which is rather expensive indeed.. But for me it’s ok, I will mostly use it for mobile internet, texting and an occasional call (max 150 minutes, lol). And there’s an app in the App Store already called Truphone that allows you to make calls using WiFi, the app is free, the calls are not. Looks like they use something similar that Skype is using for making calls to landlines and mobiles.
    Kind regards, Steve

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