Apple Gazette Daily 297 – At&t iPhone plans/rates – Software updates and more!

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Today’s Show: At&t iPhone plans/rates – Software updates and more!

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  1. Bryan says

    AT&T’s new rate plans for the 3G iPhone just totally killed any desire I may have ever had of owning an iPhone. No wonder the industry & the media like to bash the iPhone and AT&T. I guess if you’re lucky and your business pays for it, more power to you, but for The Rest Of Usâ„¢ rates need to come down…BOO!!!

  2. Michael says


    While I’m not happy with the rates either – if you compare them to other competing phones like the Blackberry line, they’re competitive. We got a really great deal with first time around with the iPhone pricing, and its making it sting now that its going up to match everything else.

    I say, if you don’t like the rates (which I don’t) then get an iPod Touch. Almost all the same cool features (minus the phone part) with no other complications.

    If I didn’t already have my first gen iPhone that’s what I would do.

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