Apple Gazette Daily 237 – Big Privacy News, At&t ETF, and WWDC Scholarship

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Today’s Show: Virgin Internet in the UK is making some big moves against privacy, At&t to pro-rate early termination fees, and the info for the WWDC scholarship is now online.

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  1. Marian says

    Totally agree with you Michael on the Virgin issue. Being a resident of a former socialistic country (Slovakia), currently staying in the UK actually, this reminds of dictatorship, or a least censorship. Or least the V for Vendetta picture of the UK. I’m not aware of the copyright laws here in England, but I know for certain that in Slovakia, and Germany as well, for instance, it is absolutely legal to download copyrighted material from the internet for your own personal use. It is only illegal to share it. So basically, the only guilty person is, ironically, the one who uploads the material on the web. So this computer scanning is totally ridiculous from every aspect and point of view. I realize that record and movie companies are losing money because of this. But it is actually their fault, if they lowered the prices they would probably make more money than they do now. Just my two cents.

  2. ojk says

    Although I appreciate the comments about ISPs not being allowed to scan our computer systems, this is not infact what virgin media are going to be doing. They are actually scanning our (Im a virgin broadband customer in the UK) internet traffic for use of illegal p2p networks, this has already been trialed by tiscali in the UK and seems perfectly legitimate to me. Why should illegal music and video pirates hog all my internet bandwith as they are being allowed to do by my isp at the minute. Remember these people are just thieves, what they are doing is not different than walking into a virgin music store and stealing CDs and DVDs off the shelves, why should they be allowed to slow my connection down to a crawl every evening. Also it is absolutely not legal to download copyrighted material from the internet in the UK.

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