Apple Gazette Daily 105 – iPhone Voice App a Fake? Plus iMac news and more

apple-gazette-daily-1.jpgiPhone Voice App a fake?, 17 inch iMacs for Educators, and more

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  1. apple_gigs says

    Hi Michael I’m realy sorry to disturb you, but I think there’s a problem with episode 104 and 105 I’ve downloaded them 4 time’s.Episode 104 is 3.33 min. and episode 105 is 1;27 min. Are they normaly this short or is the problem with my iTunes. 😕
    10x in advance :)
    Btw I got my hands on an iPhone here in Europe.This phone kill’s can’t wait to buy one that isn’t AT&T ready.

  2. Michael says


    I have tried to duplicate the problem here, and I can’t do it. Everything seems to be working fine. All I can think to do is unsubscribe to the podcast then re-subscribe and see if that helps.

    Also, you might want to try playing an episode out of the web player here on the site just to see if the entire file will load for you that way.

    Let me know how it goes.


  3. apple_gigs says

    No still getting the same short episode’s 😐 But they sound gr8 on the web player.I hope episode 106 is ok or I’ll subscribe on my son’s Pc :).
    Today I took a picture of the iPhone Add here in Bulgaria and this is how it looks.
    It say’s iPhone is Here and on the bottom First in Plesio :)
    There are 10 iPhone’s and you can give them a test drive with internet connection.

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