UPDATE: Lots of speculation that these are fake. Most arguing that there is a button missing from one of the phones. We’ll see for sure on Monday.

CrunchGear has some VERY convincing scans of promotional material of the new 3G iPhone. The phone looks thinner, comes in a variety of colors and features video chat.

I have to tell you, if these are real (and I think they are), I’m going to have to get one. This looks great. I can’t wait to see confirmation of this on Monday.

Click here to see the rest of the pictures at Crunch Gear.

Thanks to Kevin for sending this in!


  1. Everything about it looks good except for the shots of the actually screen, It doesn’t make any sense that they would show a contact icon of Carlos Rodriguez as a women, unless I’m misunderstanding what the icon is supposed to be.

  2. Its another fake :)

  3. I believe the icon is you and Carlos is the one who she is calling. :)

    These look nice! I believe my gf will want another one! :D

  4. Oh.. is fake! The close button is missing on the RED one! :)

  5. If you ever use skype, it would seem familiar to see your own video at the bottom and the person your chatting with on top. I think thats whats happening here

  6. It’s like a 3G video call, your own video is in the smaller frame :)

  7. you want one of these simply because of the looks? oh come on… they don’t look THAT different from the old one. except you can choose the color of the back, it seems.

    and for a scan, the image sure looks darn grainy.

  8. Why would apple make an ad, using an iPhone missing a button?

    -> Good idea, but I call fake just like Andrei!

  9. Also, is the back supposed to be plastic? or did they drop wifi functionality?

  10. its not a scan… its a picture of a screen that has the editing program open that made the “ad page”.

    you can see that here: http://images.macrumors.com/article/2008/06/07/002255-IMG_0468_800.jpg

    its fake.

  11. mcfriendly says:

    “Hey Guido, John called and wants to add ‘Kevin’ to your list.”

  12. (In the comment below, I’m assuming it’s not a fake. I’m not saying I don’t thinks so, though…)
    “Additionally, MobileMe TM by Apple brings all of the exciting new capabilities of iPhone to everyone.”
    What does that mean? Does anyone have a guess? (By the way, it’s under the “Exchange ideas” pic.)

    “MobileMe TM by Apple subscription sold seperately.”
    Sigh. And I so hoped Apple would make it free. I don’t think .Mac should have been paid, and if Apple’s Me and MobileMe are just like it (which I think they’re going to be), I don’t think it’s a good idea to have it paid. Isn’t the money spent on the Mac and/or the iPhone enough?

  13. The Wizard says:

    Well, apart from the obvious missing top button argument which is pretty convincing by itself. If those pictures above were real, don’t you think that Apple would have pulled them off the web immediately like they did with the leaked pictures of the Fat Nano last year? I think they are fake.

  14. The Wizard says:

    I also think that Carlos must be so happy now being all over the internet :-)

  15. Video chat, eh? Well, that’ll be hard if the camera is on the back of the phone, which is what these pictures seem to show…

  16. 24 hours to go and we’ll know for sure!

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