Netflix Comes to the iPhone and iPod Touch

What, was it yesterday that I was talking about watching Netflix? The day before? Either way, I was just expounding on how I enjoy using the service for streaming movies while I work, and now, it turns out the Netflix is on the iPhone [iTunes Link].

So what makes this so cool? Well if it was the typical crippled app affair that we’ve seen come down the pike so many times, I wouldn’t even be talking about it. But instead, this app not only streams in Wi-Fi, but also in 3G. That means you can watch your movies on the road without any worries – well, except for worrying about AT&T’s signal strength.

Obviously, the only people who will be using this app are Netflix subscribers, but the pricing isn’t too bad. $8.99 a month gets you a DVD in the mail and unlimited streaming, which isn’t too bad. And if you want more, there are options for that as well. It took me a long time to justify this monthly purchase, but I look at it like this: I don’t rent any movies from iTunes anymore. I don’t have to rent movies from anywhere at all, because they’re either available on the spot streaming live or via the mail. And I can even put movies in my queue when they’re still in the theaters, saving me money from going out. Combine that with TV shows, and you’re golden.

I know, it seems like I’m a Netflix preacher now, but that’s just not the case. I’m just happy that I finally made the decision to do it, and I can’t figure out what took me so long.

Point is, if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, as well as a Netflix subscriber, then this is an excellent download. to make.


  1. Matt says

    This app works great! I downloaded it and have watched about half of “Dust to Glory” streaming and it looks fantastic on my iPhone 4.

    Hope to get an iPad soon so I can use Netflix on an iPad.

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