The Gasket iPhone 4 Case

I’m a car guy, and a big fan of all things made of aluminum. Someday, I’ll have the equipment at hand to fabricate my old aluminum products, but until then, I just have to admire those who can do it themselves. That’s why this case appeals to me. This is the Gasket, and it’s made by ID America.

So what makes this one exciting? Well it’s styled like the head gasket of a typical engine, with holes for the pistons and bolts as well. It’s also got a brushed aluminum look, and it comes in chrome, titanium, gold, and bronze. It’s also priced fairly well, at $29.99.

But even though it has all of the components of things that I enjoy, it’s not really my bag. I think it’s the asymmetry of the whole thing, like how the Apple symbol isn’t centered in the top hole and how one side of the case is different than the other. But those same holes make it stand out in a crowd, unlike every other case on the market. As usual with these types of things, it comes down to personal preference, and for me, I think I’d pass.


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