iPhone 4 Back Swapping

[Image via Unplggd]

I love my iPhone 4, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not cautious with it. I have my case, and I am concerned about what could potentially happen to the glass should something strike the phone the wrong way. But now it looks like there’s another option that isn’t too pricey, and gives your iPhone a stylish metal back.

It starts by purchasing this back plate for $12.99. Once you have that, you take out the two screws in the bottom of the iPhone by the speaker with a screwdriver, then slide the back cover up towards the top of the phone, and finish by pulling it off. Reverse the order with the new back and voila, you have a new metal back on your iPhone.

It’s not for everybody, and who knows if it causes any interference with your signal, but it sure does look cool. And for $12.99, it’s hard to beat.


  1. Alexis says

    my question is how is it legal that they make something like this with the Apple logo and typeset that is on the iPhone?

    I’m confused about that

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