Chinese iPhone Knock-Off on the Way

iphonevsm8.jpgLoop Rumors caught wind of this Chinese Knock-Off iPhone.  The device is made by Chinese electronics maker Meizu, and is called the M8.  The device looks shockingly like the iPhone, but the specs are actually quite different.

The M8 phone is smaller than the iPhone, with a 3.3″ touch screen that sports a 720×480 resolution, compared to the multi-touch iPhone’s 3.5″ with resolution of 320×480…plus GSM+TD-SCMA, with Bluetooth and TV-Out. It has a 3.0 megapixel camera (the iPhone’s sports 2.0 MP).

It will be interesting to see how this device performs, and what it costs when it is released later this year.


  1. Lersveen says

    Seems like everyone is copying apple now anyways.. Every time apple releases something revolutionary, someone else copies them:P

  2. Steve_C says

    Anyone can create an illustration and then say… look what we’re gonna make!
    And then list a bunch of specs. It probably won’t happen.

  3. says

    But a Porsche body on a Neon does not a Porsche make. Apple is the Porsche of every industry it enters; it makes everything a bit better but a bit more expensive. How hard is it to make an all-screen device and slap Windows CE on there? It doesn’t mean it will be a revolutionary device like the iPhone potentially will be. Fear not. 😀


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