Huge Collection of Apple ][ Games Playable Online

Okay, I admit it, I wasn’t around yet when the Apple ][ first hit the market in 1977. But hey, I’m still a sucker for old games. Somehow there’s something hypnotic in the simplicity of it all. Sure, you don’t get snazzy graphics and intelligent gameplay. However, the concept here is simple. Just. Play. It.

So just play. has a collection of almost every Apple II game released.

It’s quite ironic, though, that you can only run the emulator on Internet Explorer on Windows–it runs on ActiveX!



  1. WillGonz says

    I have an Apple IIGS hooked up right now. I loved the IIGS when I was in High School, which was one of my many stepping stones to the IT World. I found a card someone made on E-bay that takes a Compact Flash card and turns it into a 32mb hard drive time 8. So that’s 8 prodos partitions to play around with. My favorite game was Lode Runner. Green screen and all. Ever hook a green screen to composite out on your cable or VCR? You guessed it, everything is green. Abandonware is sweet. All my old school games for free.

    Anyone know where to get archives of A+ and Byte magazine? PDF format prefereed.

  2. Bryan says

    I’m sure that you can google up some other emulator(s) that will run on the mac and find your favorite ROMs somewhere on the net.

    We owned an Apple IIe when I was in the 5th grade, and I loved that machine. We ended up giving it to my sister, whose kids promptly destroyed it :( I recently purchased an Apple IIc from eBay, but the video screen is too small and it flickers. I suppose it’s just a dry solder joint, but I haven’t bothered fiddling with it yet. My favorite games to play on the IIe were Lode Runner, Chivalry, Wizardry, Ultima series, Conan the Barbarian and Karateka.

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