Apple Gazette Daily 209 – More Mic Problems, Macbook Pros, and Tomb Raider

apple-gazette-daily-1.jpgSorry about the last two minutes of yesterday’s show – the mic woes continue – Macbook Pros look more likely than ever, there is a new Tomb Raider demo out, and more.

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  1. Trevor Cole says

    Regarding a new mic for your podcast, I highly recommend the Zoom H2 by Samson. Here’s a link:

    I use this myself and I think its sound is second to none for the money. It records in mp3 or wav, to the internal recording unit, and then you download the file to computer with usb. For an example of the sound, you can listen to the AuthorsAloud podcast on itunes. For each of these podcasts I recorded the voice intro and extro with the Zoom H2. (not the featured reading of each podcast, which was recorded by the author with his or her own equipment).

    I find the sound very rich and perfect for voice. But others use it to make high fidelity recordings of music performances as well.

    Good luck

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