1. Ali says

    The design of the architecture of the Apple Headquarters is severely disappointing. It betrays any sense of progress and vanguard that the corporate identity of Apple has. It looks like a postmodern nightmare designed by a second rate corporation that thinks they designed something. The symmetry and the gabled roof of the building really betray the ingenuity seen in the apple catalog. Wow…I might need to get rid of my Ipad now. I thought Apple was ‘progressive’…there buildings prove otherwise….

    it’s criminally bad…architecture does communicate…and the Apple building is communicating HP, not Apple.

    • says

      It’s an old building, pre-dating the iPhone, iPad, and other big products we now know Apple for. Their forthcoming new headquarters, with its giant wheel-shaped footprint, will have all of the “progress and vanguard of Apple’s corporate identity” that you’re looking for. And then some.

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