Off to the Apple Store Again…

Well, I’m off to the Apple Store again. This time I’m going to get my Macbook Pro battery fixed (just in case you missed the post yesterday). I’ll be back later this afternoon…hopefully with a shiny happy story to tell.

Reader Feedback Request: Apple Gazette Reader Survey

Hey guys…wanna help me out? I need to know a little more about you guys. What you think about the site, and your demographic information? Why? Because I want to have good advertising on the site. We have Google Ads now, which are great, but I would like to be able to show you Apps […]

Happy 4th of July!

Well, here in the states it’s the day we celebrate our Independence. It’s a day to reflect, a day to ponder, and day to blow things up! Now, with it being a holiday, we’re going to be taking things easy around here, but there will be a few posts today, including another installment to “Switcher’s […]

No Apple Gazette Daily Today – Audio Problems

After recording today’s podcast, I discovered the same audio issue that happened the other day. I don’t know if it’s the Mic or the software, but something isn’t acting right. I’m going to try and get it fixed this evening to have everything up and running tomorrow. The audio sounds very muffled, even though the […]

Ok…I’m heading off to stand in line….

Well, the lines are starting to form here, so I’m heading off to wait. I don’t think I’ll have ‘net access once I get there, so the next time you hear from me I should have an iPhone in hand. If there is any kind of Wi-Fi access once I get there I’ll post throughout […]

Site Update: About Page and Gravatars

Since Apple Gazette started in Oct. of last year (my how the time flies), the About page has been less than spectacular. At first there was just nothing there, then later there was a blurb about a line or two long there. That’s been bugging me. Especially since the new site design was launched. So […]

No Apple Gazette Daily Today…because I’m an idiot

I’ve been having a bad day. I’ve misspelled half a dozen things, forgotten half a dozen more, and have just been having a generally crappy time with everything I have tried to do. For example, I recorded the podcast around 1pm CST…then I forgot to upload it. Now I’m away from my Macbook Pro, and […]

Welcome to the New and Improved Apple!

Welcome everyone to the new and improved Apple! Elena at Design Disease is an absolute genius when it comes to site design, which is immediately apparent when you look at her work. I like the original design for Apple Gazette (which was also designed by Elena), but until today, my favorite Bloggy Network site […]

new site design a comin’….

I’ve seen a sneak peek of it…and I love what I saw… Apple Gazette should have a refreshed look very soon, after all we have been online since Oct. of 2006 – this design is WAY OLD by those standards… Keep your eyes pealed…