Apple Gazette RSS Feed: Now with Full Stories!

Hey folks! Just a quick update for you. Previously our RSS feed has only featured summaries of the stories covered here on the site, but that has changed. Now you can read the full stories from your favorite RSS reader. So, if you haven’t already, click here and you can subscribe to the Apple Gazette […]

Merry Christmas from Apple Gazette!

To all of you celebrating Christmas today, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas. To those of you celebrating Kwanzaa, Chanukah, or just Monday, we wish you Happy Holidays as well. Thanks to all of you for reading Apple Gazette, and making our first few months online such a success. We really appreciate […]

The iPod Nano Giveaway Contest begins today!

How do you enter? You can click on the graphic in the sidebar for the details. By subscribing to the RSS feed, you’ll be able to see a word or phrase of the day. During the contest this will be updated Mon-Fri with bits from a Steve Jobs quote. Keep track of them, and when […]

AppleGazette’s iPod Nano Giveaway!

We’re launching Apple Gazette in style by giving away the super-slim, totally re-designed 2g iPod Nano. How do you win? It’s easy. Just subscribe to the AppleGazette RSS Feed, and start looking for the “word of the day”. Each weekday for the next several weeks you’ll find a “Word of the Day” in the RSS […]