Safari 5 Released

There have been rumblings about this for a while now, but it’s official: Safari is now Safari 5, and it’s available right now. From the official press release: Apple® today released Safari® 5, the latest version of the world’s fastest and most innovative web browser, featuring the new Safari Reader for reading articles on the […]

Google Chrome Vs Safari

There’s an interesting article over at Business Insider, about how Chrome is kicking Safari’s butt currently, and how that will lead to the downfall of Apple as a company. Maybe I should just pull out a quote at this point so you get the idea. Last time, the software platform that killed Apple was Microsoft’s Windows. This […]

Safari 4.0 Beta – A First Look

This morning Apple released a Safari 4 Beta. They have dubbed the release “The World’s Fastest and Most Innovative Browser”. It certainly is speedy, and there are some interesting new features – but not all of them are unique to Safari as the PR might have you believe. (que fanboy ranting…now!) Some of the innovations […]

Netflix starts testing “Watch Instantly” on Mac w/ Silverlight

We’ve heard for a while that Netflix was going to be bringing their “Watch Instantly” feature to the Mac “soon”. Well, finally, they have begun to test this using Microsoft’s Silverlight browser plugin. If you’ve thought the Microsoft Silverlight plugin was useless or annoying, the fact that it will finally bring Netflix over to Mac […]

UPDATED (again): Web Apps DON’T work offline in Safari 4

I received an email this morning shortly after posting about the Snow Leopard screenshots from a reader and developer. They provided the screenshot above which clearly shows the Windows version of Safari 4.0 having saved the AppleGazette RSS feed as an offline application. The file is an .exe – making it a full blown Windows […]

Safari for Windows 3.1.2 released – fixed 4 security flaws

Apple has released an updated for Safari on Windows. This newest release, version 3.1.2, includes “stability improvements”, and security updates. The update fixes a WebKit bug where a malicious JavaScript could crash the browser, an “information disclosure” involving BMP and GIF files, and two other fixes that address problems with code execution when files are […]

Apple releases “Snow Leopard” details

Apple today announced that at least some of the rumors started by TUAW are true. The next version of OSX will be called “Snow Leopard”, and it will not showcase any new features. “We have delivered more than a thousand new features to OS X in just seven years and Snow Leopard lays the foundation […]