New Apple Products coming TOMORROW?

Reports are coming in from all over the Apple Rumor sites that we may see a product line update from Apple tomorrow. 8-core Mac Pros and updated Apple Cinema displays are on the top of the lists of new things that we can expect according to Think Secret… …while Apple Insider is convinced that we’ll […]

RUMOR: Aqua to be replaced with Illuminous

Apple Gazette has received a tip from an apple insider that the Mac OS Aqua User Interface will be replaced with a new UI named Illuminous. The source goes on to say that we will see a demonstration of Illuminous at Macworld 2007. The gensis for this rumor started earlier this year when Apple posted […]

AMD-Powered Apple Notebooks Coming Soon?

Apple Insider quotes a DigiTimes article that says AMD-powered Apple notebooks are not too far ahead into the future. The publication cites Taiwan-based sources in the passive component industry as witnessing an aggressive increase in orders for high-capacitance multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) supposedly en-route for an AMD-based Apple notebook. In supporting its claims, the publication […]

10 Reasons Why an Apple Phone Would be Cool

For the longest time now, rumors have spread about an upcoming Apple cellphone. And up to now, these are still rumors. There have been patents uncovered, but later on clarified not to be plans for an Apple mobile phone. And come on, a company’s applying for a patent doesn’t really mean they’ll actually make a […]

“Home On iPod” in Leopard?

Apple Insider reported today on the resurfacing of the patent for the “Home on iPod” feature that was to be a part of Panther a while back. While the granting of this patent doesn’t ensure anything as far as the feature being implemented is concerned, it does bring the question of “Will we ever see […]