AppleTV Displays going up March 5th

One more bit on the Apple TV for today…according ot TUAW a super secret operative for them at Apple HQ has risked it all to tell them that March 5th is when we’re going to be seeing AppleTV displays officially go up in Apple Stores. March 5th is also the date that our pre-order states […]

RUMOR: Black iMacs coming soon?

As the rumor mill keeps on turning MacScoop is now reporting that there is a strong possibility that most (possibly all) the Macs will receive a refresh by the end of June. The only specific information that MacScoop claims to have is that we’ll be seeing a black version of the iMac with the next […]

Rumor Death: Apple Feb. 20th “Special Event”

Late last month Apple Recon received an “anonymous tip” that Apple was going to hold a Special Event on or around Feb. 20th. Well, here it is Feb. 17th, and there have been no invitations sent out, so it’s a pretty safe bet that this one is a bust. I suppose it’s possible that we […]

RUMOR: Apple to introduce Sub-Notebook at WWDC?

Well, the rumors took about a week off, and now they’re back in full swing. The latest comes from a very long winded article from Apple Insider. After a full history lesson on the Powerbook’s compact entries into the market place that was the 90s, Apple Insider goes on to reveal that Jobs and Co […]

RUMOR: Leopard and iLife/iWork coming in March?

A report from Think Secret suggests that we’ll be seeing the next generation of Mac OS as early as this March.  The sources in the Think Secret article state simply that things are wrapping up quickly (faster than even Apple anticipated). There have long been rumors that Apple would release Leopard in March, but so […]

RUMOR: CompUSA puts Mac Pros on the “D Status”

This originated in the MacRumors forums, and I caught it off of TUAW, but this is an interesting bit of rumor… Supposedly, CompUSA has pulled it’s Mac Pros and has put them on the “D Status” – which means discontinued. The poster says that all Mac Pros, even demo units, are to be pulled off […]

“Illuminating” hint in WWDC invite?

I received a WWDC invite in my inbox yesterday (apparently even downloading Dashcode is enough to get one). You can see it by clicking on the image to the left.What is really interesting about it is the design of the invitation. It is obviously modeled after Time Machine, a new Leopard feature, but what it […]

Faster, Brighter Mac Book Pros coming This Month?

Rumor Apple Gazette has received a tip that Apple’s Macbook Pros will be getting a processor upgrade at the end of the month. Our tipster indicated that the 2.33ghz models will be bumped up to 2.66ghz by the end of February. Late last month, Apple Insider reported that Apple would soon update the displays of […]

New Apple Products coming TOMORROW?

Reports are coming in from all over the Apple Rumor sites that we may see a product line update from Apple tomorrow. 8-core Mac Pros and updated Apple Cinema displays are on the top of the lists of new things that we can expect according to Think Secret… …while Apple Insider is convinced that we’ll […]