Do We Have an iPhone 6C Leak?

Rumors of an iPhone 6 with a 4-inch screen have been going around, but they didn’t really have much to stand on. Now, new photos of a supposedly iPhone 6C leak have surfaced, and while we don’t exactly know just how real these photos are, they do provide some interesting points to consider. The first […]

Why Apple Probably Isn’t Making a Camera to Compete with GoPro

Earlier this week it was revealed that Apple had been granted a patent for a wearable camera similar to those made by GoPro – the company that has the dominated the POV action-cam market for years. The news was startling enough to investors that it caused GoPro stock to plummet more than 12%, triggering a NASDAQ alert that temporarily […]

Is “Fanless” Going to Be the New MacBook Air’s Main Selling Point?

Every year, Mac enthusiasts wait eagerly for details on how their favorite company can surprise them. Probably just as eagerly, critics await the time they can lash out at their favorite punching bag. With innovation at the core of the company, Apple does face a lot of pressure – perhaps both internally and externally – […]