Review – Presto Printer Mailbox

Mother’s Day is coming up, and those of your still looking for the perfect gift, may want to take a look at a new kind of Printer called “Presto”. I first saw the Presto printer on an infomercial styled ad on BBC America. It looked like one of those ideas that really should have been […]

Review: mStation Orb

The mStation Orb is a very intriguing looking iPod Speaker System. The spherical design stands out just about anywhere you put it, and the size of the unit makes it an instant eye catcher when you walk into a room. It comes in a variety of glossy colors – black, white, silver, blue, green, pink, […]

A few more thoughts on Apple TV “Take 2”

Last night I got a chance to spend a little more time with the AppleTV “Take 2”, and there are a few things I want to point out. 1. There is no “watch it after it expires” for rentals – We’ve talked in the past about how Apple had a loop hole in the rentals […]

Video Find: Mossberg reviews Leopard

I’ve begun to look forward to Walt Mossberg’s Apple reviews. He doesn’t come off as a fanboy (which no one at a paper as high up the latter as the Wall Street Journal ever should…on ANY subject, in my opinion), but he obviously appreciates Apple products. Here’s his take on the “evolutionary – but not […]

Buying Wal-Mart DRM-Free MP3s on your Mac – A Review

So, today Wal-Mart announced a couple of shockers. 1) They are selling MP3s – completely DRM-Free – from both EMI and Universal Music. 2) They’re encoded at 256Kbps. 3) They’re only $0.94 cents a song, or $9.22 an album. So, these higher quality, cheaper songs, will play on any player, including your iPod – so […]

VIDEO: Mossberg reviews iWork ’08

Walt Mossberg has published a video review of iWork ’08, and I have to agree with most of his assessment. I didn’t find the word count or other writer’s features of Pages that hard to find…but not being a Microsoft Office user, I might just not know what I’m missing…other than that, I think he’s […]

REVIEW: iWork ’08 – Pages

In iWork ’05, Pages was an application that I desperately wanted to use, but never had any use for. I don’t spend a lot of free time making brochures or newsletters for my family, so I didn’t have much of a reason to use it. It simply didn’t function as a normal word processor. It […]

iPhone Review Round-Up w/ 2 Video Reviews

Major media outlets from all over are joining in on the iPhone promotion. I hesitate to call it hype anymore, because all of these reviews seem to say the same thing. The iPhone – apparently – lives up to the hype. The Wall Street Journal Says: “Our verdict is that, despite some flaws and feature […]