Review: “Spore” for Mac – part one

I think its safe to say that Spore is one of the biggest game releases for the Mac in a very long time – some might even say ever. There has been a great deal of build up for this title, and with hype like this, sometimes its hard for a game to live up […]

Review – Tetravex for iPhone

Tetravex is an edge-matching puzzle game. The player is presented with a grid and square tiles consisting of four different colored triangles turned in on each other. To solve the puzzle you must connect the squares together by matching their edges. It’s a classic puzzle game that fans of games like Sudoku should love.

UPDATED: Facebook for iPhone – Review

(UPDATE: Never mind…as commenter Adam pointed out, version 1.1 was released this morning, and offers a solution for, it appears, every single complaint I had. It’s amazing what difference a few hours will make.) I’m a fairly casual user of Facebook. I don’t spend just huge amounts of time on it…just long enough to get […]

AOL Radio for iPhone – Review

AOL has released an AOL Radio app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Now, normally, I don’t really pay attention to anything with the letters “AOL” at the front of the title. I’ve never had a lot of use for AOL services, and came at this app with some preconceived notions about what it might be…I’m not […]

Super Monkey Ball for iPhone – Review

If there is one word I can think of to describe Super Monkey Ball on the iPhone that word is “frustrating”. It’s not that Super Monkey Ball is bad, in fact, it’s quite good – I like it a lot, and have spent FAR TOO MUCH TIME playing it over the weekend. The game is […]

iPhone 3G Review

It seems like only yesterday we were all going out of our minds for the original iPhone. Still, even as great as the original device was, there were some complaints. No 3G Internet, No GPS, and No MMS messages were just a few of the complaints that customers mumbled about under their breath as they […]

Review – Candybar 3

I love icons. Especially now that we’re at the point with Leopard where we have large, detailed, beautiful icons to look at. The team at the Iconfactory make some of the most beautiful and best designed icons I’ve ever seen. It’s a hassle, though, to go in and manually change out your icons every time […]

Review – Axiotron Modbook

The Axiotron Modbook is currently the only Tablet solution for Mac users. It features a modified Macbook with simply a screen, a pen, and OSX ready to roll. The question is – is it worth buying? The cheapest Modbook starts at $2,290 – more than twice the price of the standard Macbook. This review unit […]

Review: New AOL Desktop for Mac

I have to commend the team at AOL that have developed the new AOL Desktop for Mac. They have created an interesting all-in-one mail, messaging, and browsing experienced that is clearly been well thought out, and designed specifically for a great Mac experience. The new AOL Web Bowser, which is based on Webkit and looks […]