Super iMario Sounds App on the iPhone

Have you ever been witness to a friend finally achieving a victory in a game, and you wanted to give them something better than applause? Have you ever witnessed a loved one make a complete ass of themselves in a silent room, and you wanted to loudly play the “Mario Dies” sound from the first […]

Ahmmm Oh Yeah Game Hits iPhone

Compete with players all over the world and see your score posted on the “Ahmmm Oh Yeah” App’s billboard! This is too funny! This game looks remarkably like the graphical masterpieces of the “Grand Theft Auto” series in both the realistic design of cars and cityscapes, and the sounds of engines roaring by. The “Ahmmm […]

Sex Jokes Free App Turns Up the Laughs

“How do you make five pounds of fat look good? Put a nipple on it.” The iPhone can become a stand up comedian with the “Sex Jokes Free” application…and you can even be sitting down when using it! This free App provides infinite laughs with just a shake of the iPhone. Random jokes from every […]

WANTED Poster For iPhone Pics Made by Framed! App

The instant background framing application for photographs taken on the iPhone is here! With three touches of the screen one can use a photo for a WANTED poster, complete with a customizable REWARD, and then upload it onto FaceBook or Email it! The “Framed! Lite” App is a Must Have for iPhone owners who use […]

Euro’s to Dollars with GlobeConvert App

When the rental Lamborghini’s speedometer is in kilometers, how fast is 130 kilometers/hour really? How do does one convert dollars into rupees on the fly? Well just open up the “GlobeConvert” App and see it all instantaneously! The car soaring along on the German highway, with no speed limit, is only doing 81 mph when […]

8500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes for Free in an App

Who would not want a dozen different drink recipes using Guinness? Who would not want to shake the iPhone for instructions to making a drink that will emerge at random? The “8500+ Drink & Cocktail Recipes Free” App can provide this and instruction for the pouring of perfect Caribbean Boilermakers to chase down the bartender’s […]

Weather Channel App Wows

The iPhone comes with an excellent weather application preinstalled, so why should one want more? In the movie “Back to the Future Part 2,” Doc Brown complains about the 21st century’s mail, but not the weather service. He knows to the minute when the rain is going to stop, and it can now be determined […]

Photographers Rejoice as Gorillacam Comes to the iPhone

Could the iPhone’s camera use a timer, or rapid-fire picture taking, or an auto-save function? Well the free “Gorillacam” App addresses this and more! As remarkably clear as the iPhone’s camera takes pictures, could it use an upgrade? The innovators of the Gorillapod, the infamous flexible camera tripod, say yes, and they have brought their […]

Time Out New York – City Guide App is an A+

Deciding on what to do in a place as busy as the city of New York can be tough, because there is just so much going on. Welcome the ultimate city planner: the “Time Out New York” application! Let your iPhone tell you up to date events, prices, reviews and maps to find everything that […]

Battle Bears – Get into iPhone’s Bear Wars Game

Stranded behind enemy lines the player must hold off the swarming attacks of the Huggable Bears’ battalions! The cute pink devils look to hug Oliver, the player/Teddy Bear, to death. The “Battle Bears” game is on sale for 99 cents, for the holidays, and a free version is also available to start repelling the menacing […]