Get the MyFantasyTeams App in Time for Fantasy Baseball

Opening day is looming, and the Fantasy Baseball Draft is circled on the calendar, so how does the sports fanatic keep track of the fantasy team lineup on the go, when it is constantly changing? Simply use the “MyFantasyTeams” application to manage all Yahoo! fantasy sports teams! The free version for the iPhone is essential […]

WordNet English Dictionary and Thesaurus App Kicks Figurative Bum

Princeton has provided the knowledge to sustain the English lovers’ can-kicking free mobile dictionary and thesaurus application: “WordNet.” Each of the 1.4 million plus words included in the “WordNet” App are given rarely extensive treatment in a free for the iPhone program; there are literally nine different definitions for the word butt as a noun, […]

Kindle for iPhone App To Make Kindle Extinct?!

With the oncoming approach of Apple’s newest technological juggernaut, the iPad, Amazon quickly released the “Kindle for iPhone” App about a year ago. Why? Well, despite the successes of the digital book reader, the Amazon Kindle, Amazon appears ready to concede the war for the ultimate portable digital reading media device to Apple in the […]

BLEEP THIS Bleep Button App Censors the iPhone

Censorship is *BLEEPed up! Enjoy the power of the iPhone’s very own “Bleep Button!” The App provides a loud and ominous BLEEP at the iPhone user’s command. Is a friend taking a passionate conversation a little too far? Remind them of the fact, that they have to pay the swear jar, by hitting the “Bleep […]

Sportacular App Shoots and Scores

The meeting drags on as the drab droll continues to reflect on the integral usage of office toilet paper, and in the process the March Madness college hoops game slips away. Get a text message on the iPhone that sheds light on the score at the end of each half with the “Sportacular” application. The […]

Fingerzilla App Causes Catastrophic Fun

Godzilla fans rejoice, as the awesome destructive power of the classic monster is currently free on the iPhone! The “Fingerzilla” application takes the player’s thumb and puts it to good use…destroying cities, property, vehicles and various people. For a limited time the “Fingerzilla” App is free to download in the App Store where it is […]

Eco Punk App Depicts Environmentalist Extremists Blowing Up Cars

“Now get green, or die!” This is one of the slogans that greet players of the “Eco Punk” game, which is free for one day for the iPhone. Take “Grand Theft Auto” and drop onto the streets an environmentalist that is a skateboarding skeletal punk bunny with a mean attitude. Add a thrashing punk and […]

Gibson Learn & Master Guitar App Has It All

The application for the true guitarist is finally here and free for the iPhone. The “Gibson Learn & Master Guitar” App goes far beyond the simple tuning applications, and approaches the iPhone as a portable tool to be utilized by the musician’s musician. The “Gibson L & M” App provides lessons for beginning, intermediate and […]

Don’t Miss a Score with the Hockey News App

As the U.S. hockey team is poised to battle with the Olympic powerhouse, in team Canada, there is one App that is a must have: “The Hockey News” application. When an entire game might consist of sixty minutes and just one pivotal goal being scored, does the hockey fan risk missing such an incredulous feat, […]

Let the Siri App Become your Personal Assistant

Find me a taxi ASAP. Then get me reservations to a Malaysian restaurant in Manhattan…and make it close to my current locale at MSG. Done. With the “Siri Assistant” application, that is free for the iPhone 3GS, your wish is the Siri genie’s command. The “Siri Assistant” is exactly what it is advertised as…a remarkable […]