Apple Wants to Sense Your Mood in the Future

That’s according to a mood-sensing patent that Apple is applying for. Titled INFERRING USER MOOD BASED ON USER AND GROUP CHARACTERISTIC DATA, the patent is all about taking different factors in consideration to determine how a user (that’s you and I) feels. Mood sensing technology in other words. Some of these factors include: interest in […]

Apple Gets Patent for New Anti-Data Collection Technology

Apple recently got approval for a patent for a new technology that will help protect users from data collection efforts being done by businesses, the government and, most especially, cybercriminals. The new patent, which was discovered by Patently Apple, was released last Tuesday by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The patent describes a system […]

Apple Patent Indicates New Magsafe-Like Connectors for iOS Devices Soon

Apple’s 30-pin connector has been a staple in the company’s many mobile devices. Its universality across all of its mobile products means that you can just bring just one cable to connect your iPad, iPod or iPhone to the charger or to a PC or your Mac. It’s definitely a great convenience. But a newly […]