Patent for “Inverted Ear Tips” May Point to Apple Wireless Earbuds

I wish! Seriously. People who run, jog, or work out at the gym know all too well how the default Apple earbuds suck for these activities. They don’t fit comfortably. They are more prone to falling out. The cable gets annoying. While there may be other brands that manufacture earphones specially designed for sports activities, […]

Will Apple’s Video Camera Kill GoPro?

Yesterday, the USPTO granted Apple another patent, this time for a video camera that is supposed to rival GoPro. With the official title “Digital Camera System Having Remote Control“, the patent was filed in March of 2012 with three inventors named. Specifications of the device are: Image capturing module, which has a first image capture […]

Patent Granted: “Attack Detection Mode” on iPhones

It wouldn’t be right to end the week without another cool patent granted to Apple, right? The Attack Detection Mode on iPhones is something that everyone should be excited about, as it’s not just another feature that would make things more convenient for this generation of instant gratification seekers. If it does get implemented, the […]

iPhone With Wraparound Display a Future Possibility

It’s always interesting to see what new patent Apple has been granted, if only to dream about even cooler stuff that we may actually throw our money at┬áhave in the future. In the past months, we’ve seen patents for the “iPen“, smart magnet technology for the iPad, and biometric headphones. Who knows when – or […]

Smart Magnet Technology Patent Can Revolutionize the Way We Use iPads

Another day, another patent. As it usually is with Apple patents, things get rather interesting. Apple Insider reports that the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent regarding a “magnetic attachment unit”, which is basically smart magnet technology that goes beyond what current smart covers for iPads employ. Source The abstract of […]

Apple Wants to Sense Your Mood in the Future

That’s according to a mood-sensing patent that Apple is applying for. Titled INFERRING USER MOOD BASED ON USER AND GROUP CHARACTERISTIC DATA, the patent is all about taking different factors in consideration to determine how a user (that’s you and I) feels. Mood sensing technology in other words. Some of these factors include: interest in […]