Apple documentation states “Snow Leopard” is Intel Only

/> A screen capture of the PDF-based requirements document included on the Snow Leopard disc has surfaced online, and the documentation states that in order to install Snow Leopard, developers must have a Mac computer with an “Intel Processor” and at minimum 512MB of RAM. Now, its always possible that this document could be faked, […]

Apple releases “Snow Leopard” details

Apple today announced that at least some of the rumors started by TUAW are true. The next version of OSX will be called “Snow Leopard”, and it will not showcase any new features. “We have delivered more than a thousand new features to OS X in just seven years and Snow Leopard lays the foundation […]

RFR: My Macbook won’t boot into OS X

Quick question to all of you who are smarter than me… I recently used Boot Camp to put Windows on my Mac. Terrible idea. After trying to get Windows to find my Mighty Mouse, and my external monitor for 30 minutes or so, I gave up, booted back into OS X and deleted the Windows […]

Psystar offers $399 ‘OpenMac’

A company named Psystar is advertising a $399 computer they have named “OpenMac”. They claim the machine is built to be a Leopard compatible Mac, which has been constructed from PC parts. It features the following specs: – 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo – 2GB of DDR2 667 memory – Integrated Intel GMA 950 Graphics […]

Happy Birthday OS X!

Yesterday marked the seventh year, to the day, of the release of Mac OS X. For me, it’s hard to believe its been that long, on one hand. On the other, it seems like just yesterday. Back before OS X I hadn’t spent much time on a Mac. One of our computer labs in school […]

5 of the slickest Apple Wallpapers you’ll ever see

Graphic Designers have aways migrated towards the Mac. It should be no surprise then, that there are some really great Apple themed wallpapers on the popular graphic design site These are 5 of my favorites, but you can find even more at the site. Apple Wallpaper by ~flashrevolution on deviantART

Touch Screen iMacs now available from Troll Touch

Well it’s not multi-touch, and it’s not from Apple, but if you want a Touch screen iMac, the guys at Troll Touch have you covered. The high resolution touch screen technology works with the touch of a finger, gloved hand, or stylus, and Troll Touch has been creating touch products for Macs for years. Prices […]