Apple is developing a 3D Mac UI

Apple Insider has an extensive look at an Apple patent filing that could point to some interesting innovations for future versions of the Apple OS. The drawings showcase some innovative ways that Apple could implement a 3D desktop environment on the desktop. Instead of a two dimensional interface that we have now we could see […]

You Tube Find: Alfred.TV demos the NeXT Cube

Alfred DiBlasi is at it again with another extremely detailed video on his site Previously we’ve seen a Classic Lisa video, a modern Lisa unboxing, and a 20th Anniversary Mac unboxing as well. His latest video is a 53 minute look at the NeXT Cube. In the video you can see a clear look […]

Psystar releases Mac Clones with Blu-Ray Drives

Psystar continues to be a thorn in Apple’s side, and yesterday took a step further with that by announcing models of their “Hackintosh” machines with built-in Blu-ray drives, and NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT GPU. The company continues to poke at Apple through its cage as they take the extra effort to slam Steve for his “bag […]

Apple releases a variety of updates including 10.5.4

Yesterday evening Apple released a variety of software updates including Mac OS X 10.5.4 and Mac OS X 10.5.4 Server. They also released Security Update 2008-004 or both Power PC and Intel, as well as a Security Update 2008-004 Server for both platforms. Full details on the 10.5.4 update after the jump. All updates can […]

Will we see 10.5.4 before July 11th?

AppleInsider thinks so. According to their report the newest build, “9E17” has no known issue and that only two fixes have been in the last 10 days. The article suggests that we’ll see 10.5.4 before July 11th, because of a need for the system to integrate Mobile Me support into OS X. I think its […]

UPDATED (again): Web Apps DON’T work offline in Safari 4

I received an email this morning shortly after posting about the Snow Leopard screenshots from a reader and developer. They provided the screenshot above which clearly shows the Windows version of Safari 4.0 having saved the AppleGazette RSS feed as an offline application. The file is an .exe – making it a full blown Windows […]

“Snow Leopard” screenshots surface, show off new feature

Over the weekend a German website posted several screenshots of Apple’s next OS release – Snow Leopard. These images show us that Snow Leopard – at its current stage – looks almost identical to the current OS X release…which is to be expected. One interesting new feature found in Safari is the ability to “Save […]